Single Review: Katy B ft. Ms. Dynamite – ‘Lights On’

Anyone else immediately think of Beyoncé’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ when they see/hear that title? Y’know, the part where she goes – “TURNA LIGH’S ON” and then that eerie bassline kicks in? No? No-one? Anyone?

Really? Oh, okay then… moving on…

Up to now, I’ve not been Katy B’s biggest fan. I’ve not fallen for her watered-down, commercial dubstep tunes and annoying vocals, or her fancy collaborations with Magnetic Man et al, or even Katy B herself.

But then up comes the stigma I’m in right now – I do quite like Ms. Dynamite. I like her tunes, her vocals and her as a person. I also like the many collaborations she’s lent her distinctive tones to over her active years in music.

And it just turns out, that ‘Lights On’, the second release from Katy B’s as-of-yet untitled début album, is quite good. Yes, you did hear that right, this is going to get higher than 1.5 stars, people!

Although, I do feel when listening to it, Ms. Dynamite out-performs Katy. Katy may be taking hold of the musical helm, warbling through the bridge/chorus and very happily take residence of the left side of “ft.” in the title credits, but Ms. Dynamite’s super-fast delivery outshines Katy’s entire presence on the track. Katy’s flimsy, slightly nasal vocals could be flattened by Ms. Dynamite – steam-roller style.

In regards to the music, Katy does manage to cook up a production that actually does something and provide a decent audio kick, rather than a few buzzing noises and an bass-line that isn’t sure when to pop up like her previous efforts. However, vocally, Katy’s voice is still very jarring, cutting through the sound waves like a Chef’s knife through sponge; at times you wish she did actually get off the dance floor just so she’d shut up.

Lyrically, the song discusses similar topic to ‘Katy On A Mission’ and is about dancing in a club, this time she specifies “with the lights on”. Lord knows why, but maybe she’s afraid of the dark? It’s a common fear, and with all those weirdoes out and about in clubs it’s probably best to stay on the safe-side, right? Because of the one-dimensional lyrics, it’s hard to tell which part is the chorus. Not that that matters though, as that means there are approximately three parts that sound like they could be chorus parts. This is very exciting indeed.

True to her word, the lights are on.

As aforementioned, the song is a glowing success in the wake of her last single, but I’m still not sold on this commercial breed of dubstep. It’s like the British Bull Terrier you bought only to find it’s as harmless as a goldfish: you wish it had at least learnt to growl. At times you just wish ‘Lights On’ had a bit more oomph added to the drums and more of a melody took precedence over Katy’s ropey vocals. Oh well, not to be a Scrooge or anything – I have a feeling she’s going to be 2011’s Tinie Tempah anyway.

Rating: 3.0 STARS

Download: December 20, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: TBA

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Gotta say, I like her. I like the laid back vocals, and the fact that she isn’t Mariah Carey. And isn’t it amazing how she can go from wearing sweats to looking pretty stylish when she’s scrubbed up?

    Nice to see Miss Dynamiteeeeee back too. Does this mean there’ll be more solo material from her in the new year?

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