Single Review: Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg – ‘California Gurls’

There’s quite a fair few things to point out with this song. Do read on.

Comebacks are always an interesting thing right? An artist that has been gone for a while has announced an amazing new lead single. It’s made even more special when it’s one of your favourite artists coming back.

Katy Perry was one of my favourite artists back in 2008; quirky, gorgeous, great songs, great voice, hilarious sense of humour. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard she was announcing a comeback, which couldn’t have come at a better time. I was like a big hot air-balloon! And Katy was the one inside the basket, to coin a metaphor.

So here I am, happily floating over the rest of the regurgitated garbage coming from less-orginial, manufactured artists in wait on that song. THE SONG.

A few weeks on, I heard Snoop Dogg was to feature on the song. He was the one who came along with an unamisingly large needle and popped my balloon. How annoying.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with ‘California Gurls’, if you’re a fan of the obligatory raps now found in stupid amounts of today’s songs. Ke$ha, Alexandra Burke, Rihanna, Cheryl Cole, Enrique Iglesias, and now Katy Perry (to name a few) have all had the momentum of their songs – the momentum they and the producer have worked up – smashed into oblivion when Pitbull, 3OH!3, Flo Rida, etc join the party and take all the oomph out of the song to leave an anaemic beat with a half-baked rap.

Side note: The more I think about it – Alexandra’s only has one single where she’s gone solo.

These raps… well I suppose they’re there for a reason right? Like Alexandra using up-and-coming rapper ‘Laza’ on her new single ‘Start Without You’ to crack the States. Okay, that’s understandable, she’s using American artists to establish her name over the other side of the pond… it won’t work but still, it’s understandable: It’s also understandable when artist like Professor Green utilise the more melodic vocals of Ed Drewett (‘I Need You Tonight’) or Lily Allen (‘Just Be Good To Green’), because that is a rapper, using a singer to sing the chorus so that there is a vocal hook-line that can be seen as the catchiest part of the song.

But maybe this is just me being picky hmm? Maybe Katy just wanted to do a fun song; more produced than all her other hits put together it’s possible she’s achieved it. Bringing in the 50-year-old Snoop “I-still-think-I’m-a-pimp” Dogg hardly livens up proceedings and to be perefectly honest it detracts from the song anything it’s got going for it. But at least the video’s fun right?

Sort of. It’s got the usual Katy Perry spice over what would be a boring video of Cake-Ludo with Snoop. From the rebel gummy bear, to the camp face of surprise Katy pulls after seeing it this has to be one of the funniest and most enticing video’s I’ve ever seen. But there are parts – like the dance routines – where Katy makes fun look like the most laborious chore ever.

This song might indeed sound like international Ke$ha hit ‘TiK ToK’ but she didn’t have some silly rapper embarrassing himself. And it could just be the producers fault? NO, IT’S DEFINITELY SNOOP! BLAME HIM!

(In a completely unbiased way, of course)

So in conclusion, I realise most of my comments are negative but the only real glitch with this song is it would be so much better without Snoop Dogg slowing proceedings down for a ‘rap’ my ten-year old sister could churn out. It’s not like Katy even needs him – he’s not exactly going to help her crack her home country is he?

Rating: 3.0 STARS

Download: June 21, 2010. (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Teenage Dreams’

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