Single Review: Kelis – ‘4th Of July (Fireworks)’

Have you ever had any memories of such riveting times, that filled you with such elation you felt you’’d never come off that high? Or that you’d never want to? Spiralling round in and endless cycle of ecstasy and near-adrenaline fuelled thrill? You’d only need to scroll back a few years in the music industry to find the equivalent of such a high, which is a real quality I’ve noticed is missing from today’s manufactured pop stars.

Remember the time when you had the great disco-house tracks like ‘It Feels So Good’ by Sonique, ‘Lola’s Theme’ by Shapeshifters, ‘Heaven’ by DJ Sammy, or even Spiller and Sophie’s ‘Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)’? They were huge club and party anthems that are as timeless as the dancefloor in which they managed to persuade anything in earshot of the musical feast to join and share the exaltation.

Well, what Kelis has done on this track, the follow-up single to the David Guetta-produced ‘Acapella’, which saw the R&B diva bring back the desperately needed disco-house track that INNA failed to do with the lacklustre ‘Hot’, is ensure that she’s back to revitalise the 50%-stale chart and brought back a genre that had been long forgotten and quite frankly, very sorely missed.

‘4th Of July (Fireworks)’, is a wonderfully written love song about how “Nothing I’ll ever say or do, will be as good as loving you”. It recalls the same kind of production that was the norm for dance tracks back in 2000-2004, whilst enlisting the help of DJ Ammo to update things to create a songs that is both stuttering and slurring, both cold and warm, both happy and melancholy. With a pulsing bass-line, and Kelis’ brassy vocals showering the track with icy classiness, but lending love and comfort at the same time through the very beautiful lyrics – “You make me high, just like the sky on the fourth of July”, now if that isn’t the prettiest extended metaphor you’ve ever heard I don’t know what is.

And like ‘Acapella’, the video has three mega plus points:

1. It’s another video that exudes originality.

2. She’s showing people that you don’t have take you’re clothes of to look good in a video.

3. The costumes. OH MA GAAD, THE COSTUMES! *drools*

4. She’s back in the desert again. This makes it vair gurrrrd.


By piling on all that nostalgia of the early noughties’ proper dance music encapsulated in nearly four minutes, Kelis has combined vintage disco-house with bang-up-to-date synths and bass, giving it the appeal of the Andrex puppy. (HE’S JUST TOO CUTE).

Rating: 4.0 STARS

Download: June 28, 2010. (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Flesh Tone’

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