Single Review: Kelly Rowland – ‘Forever And A Day’

Oh dear, things aren’t going to well for dear Kelly now are they? She’s probably the only popstar of the Now (bar Kelis) who can’t seem to get a hit out of David Guetta. Not only that, she’s completely botched up her new album. Releasing ‘Commander’ worldwide, then going stateside to promote the two flop singles ‘Grown Ass Woman’, and ‘Rose Coloured Glasses’. Then to make sure she’s not being forgotten, she’s chucking the UK ‘Forever And A Day’ so that we don’t forget about her.

But seeing as it took her three months to come up with a name for her album (which, after all the effort, is now titled ‘Kelly Rowland’) and the fact that ‘Commander’ barely scraped the UK Top 10, I think we’ve forgotten about her already.

It’s not like she doesn’t deserve a bit of recognition, but in all honesty – I think she’s a good year late. It seems people are getting bored of David Guetta now; plenty of the GP are realising that all you need to do is get a place on vocals for something from him and KABOOM. Hit in the bag. Back when ‘When Love Takes Over’ hit #1 is when her album should’ve come out, not two years later.

‘Forever And A Day’ is a bit Guetta-by-numbers in the music department, but I won’t fault Kelly’s powerhouse performance in the vocal department, because she really does give it some welly, maybe a bit too much, like she’s trying to prove she’s up their with her cousin, Beyoncé. Given the right song-writers I bet she could be, but right now, she’s “making chemistry” with that French goofball.

The song seems harmless at first, it doesn’t actually sound like David Guetta at all during the intro – it has a GUITAR, people! (plus a few synthy wooshes in the background). But then Kelly’s voice is joined by what are definitely, obviously, unavoidably, the most ANNOYING hands snaps ever. It sounds like an old person’s knees going all arthritic when they crouch, crossed with a boiled sweet knocking against their best friends dentures.

That brings us to the chorus. Ah, the chorus. That chorus. It’s not great is it? Sure she shows us what she can do, and why she should be considered as a proper singer, but rushing out “Forever and a” and then belting “Day” doesn’t even sound like a good idea on paper, let alone when it’s sung.

The video idea is very good, and whilst it would be something tired and 2001-ish, the iPod Touch touch makes it just a little bit unique.

It’s annoying to see her solo career and the possibility of her third album slowly diminish this like, because Kelly Rowland is a talented vocalist, but if she throws us cheap songs like this one, instead of songs like ‘Commander’ or God forbid – she actually wrote her own song, she might get a little more recognition, but for now, ‘Forever And A Day’ won’t be winning her any new fans.

Rating: 2.5 STARS

Download: October 4, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Kelly Rowland’

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  1. Shout For Adam

    I like Kelly Rowland and I like Commander. It may not have got that high in the charts but it has had longevity and is frequently on the video channels. On song-writing, her and Adam Lambert plan to get together to do some writing in the future. Now, that should be interesting!

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