Single Review: Kelly Rowland ft. David Guetta – ‘Commander’

Oh look, David Guetta’s managed to attach his name to another single. Odd that isn’t it? How a producer must now have his name up there with the original artist. The only re-knowned producer who doesn’t do it appears to be RedOne, but one could argue that ‘Lady GaGa ft. RedOne’ attached to ‘Poker Face’, ‘Bad Romance’, ‘Just Dance’, ‘LoveGame’, and ‘Alejandro’ would just look silly and God forbid would steal GaGa’s thunder.

You see, last year was all about RedOne: everyone wanted a bit of the Moroccon-Swedish, knob-twiddling hit-maker, and a lot of people got their bit, some even got MULTIPLE bits – Lady GaGa (x4), Little Boots, Enrique Iglesias, Alexandra Burke, the Sugababes (x3), Mika, Sean Kingston, Pixie Lott and The Backstreet Boys to name a fair few.

But this year it’s all about the far more eccentric David Guetta and his sound, he has getting around a bit though hasn’t he? And he simply MUST have his name on his works, even though now we should be able to spot a Guetta production from a mile away (you could probably hear the beats, they’re so loud). He’s worked with Kelly Rowland, Kid Cudi, The Black Eyed Peas, K’naan, Chris Willis,, Estelle (yes, ‘Freak’ did flop but still…) and he’s going to be producing Flo Rida’s lead single from third album ‘The Only One’, all in the past six months. Busy boy.

So the dream collaboration of R&B diva turned icy dance-pop queen, Kelly Rowland and French disk jockey and producer of the Now, David Guetta have teamed up again and after the huge ‘When Love Takes Over’ (which, let’s face it, had a piano section that was basically Coldplay’s ‘Clocks’ in reverse), can their second coming match the brilliance of the first?

The answer is yes. But as you know, there is quite literally a chasm between what is good, and what is going to be a success. Just ask Justin Bieber. He’s not very good at all.

Moving back to the real talent: WOW LOOK AT THAT VIDEO! Kelly dons PVC leotards (red and black are the colours of choice) and the military-style dance choreography does not fail to impress! From the moment she’s seen walking out of the smoke, hands on her hips, in slow motion she’s already intimidating the viewer.

Who needs Page 3 when you’ve got that video? I’m off to the bathroom with some tissue.

This song, whilst being one of my favourite Guetta productions, may not do as well as ‘When Love Takes Over’; it sounds more generic and WAY too overproduced. When hearing Kelly live it baffles me why she even bothered with the R&B route, she’s no Beyoncé, but its a mystery why she kept it locked up for so long and why she never got the recognition she deserved. It also baffle me why the chorus features heavy auto-tuning. It’s not like Kelly needs it.

For those of you still skeptical about Kelly’s singing abilities:


So to conclude, whilst this may be a brilliant song in my opinion, it falls where ‘When Love Takes Over’ pole-volted – it’s just far too over-produced in the vocal department. But lets commend it for that wonderful spoken interlude shall we?


Download: June 28, 2010.

Featured Album: ‘Kelly Rowland’

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  1. RivkaS

    Anybody in music will tell you that club mixes are a dime a dozen.  This guy is admittedly a D.J., who utilizes a heavy club mix.  Hello – anybody old enough to remember Disco?  In the US there was East Coast Disco and West Coast Disco.  West Coast consisted of forumulaic beats with looped hooks and little to no other lyrics – West Coast Disco is the reason why disco came and went so quickly.  What David is doing is the same basic formula, 8 hard-hitting beats to a measure and a few good hooks. 

    I liked Kelly Rowland better back in the pre-boob job/noncontorting legs days.  She had a simple sense of innocence that has forever been lost.  As a singer – she was always never better than “AWRIGHT”, and she should have worked harder to develop attributes aside from the two good points she has working for her now. 

  2. RandomEnigma

    She’s had a boob job?

    Haha! Obviously OddOne’s in shock at Kelly’s boob job that he had to repeat it twice. Yup, I’m afraid she did, OddOne, but I still don’t think that would stop you from going off to the bathroom with some tissue which was way too much information by the way but I agree. 😛

    I quite liked Kelly Rowland as an R&B singer but clearly most people weren’t buying that, calling her a Z-grade Beyoncé. She needs to get out of Beyoncé’s shadow and to do that she’s gone all Eurodance on us. For the record, it’s rumoured that Beyoncé’s shady father Matthew managed Kelly and deliberately tried to hinder Kelly’s career. I think Kelly is just as talented as Miss Beyoncé Knowles and while I still consider Beyoncé the sexiest of the two, Rowland is just as beautiful and to other people can be seen as just as attractive as Beyoncé.

    I’m more annoyed with Guetta for appearing in every music video based on a song he’s produced. I’m sick and tired of seeing him dancing about goofily in his music videos. This might be ageist of me but the 42-year-old just looks like someone’s embarassing dad trying to be all cool in front of hip acts like Kelly Rowland, Kid Cudi, Black Eyed Peas and Estelle.

    Also, RedOne does credit himself. Kick-Ass (We Are Young) was by Mika and RedOne. Obviously, Mika’s marketing team thought it would help Mika from flopping if the RedOne name was attached. It worked in Ireland where it peaked at #7 but not in the UK where it peaked at #84. I think it’s ridiculous that producers are getting featured credits and refuse to credit them…unless of course a song is from their album.

    Also RedOne has produced five hits out of Lady GaGa’s seven singles and not four. Just Dance, Poker Face, LoveGame, Bad Romance and Alejandro are all produced by RedOne. Clearly GaGa is going with the mantra, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

  3. Dara Hickey

    i know there’s been 5 RedOne GaGa hits Randy, but there’s only been four in 2009. ‘Alejandro’ was released this year.

    But yes I agree in that I feel Kelly’s doing her own thing now, she’s really using her voice, showing us the real talent in those pipes and I love what you said about Daiv Guetta… the most annoying thing about the ‘Commander’ video is at the end where Guetta gets all contorted and edited by computers in a really cubic way – I just think is was some random idea he had and thought it was cool so he shoved it in the next possible video he could stand at a dex in.


  4. Dara Hickey

    End note:


    ‘I See You’ would also suffice. In winter maybe, ‘Touches You’ for late July/early August please.

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