Single Review: Labrinth – ‘Let The Sun Shine’

The hype machine is a mighty force. It dictates what will be a hit, and what will not be so. And as we know, hype can result in some of the most highly polarised opinions since Britain’s involvement in the invasion of Iraq. Some will love the song, others will loathe it, and most will be level-headed but regard it as “not living up to the hype”.

Now clearly, hype is something that has to spread, but like wildfire it can sweep over the nation and raise the bar of expectation just above “too high”. And no-one is invulnerable to it, trust me; if Lady GaGa keeps talking about her music rather than release it and prove her bold statements then ‘Born This Way’ better be nothing short of spectacular. Furthermore, there are many ways of spreading this hype: social networking sites, TV appearances, blanket airplay, or about ten Radio DJs all singing from the same song-book about how Labrinth’s début solo single ‘Let The Sun Shine’ is the second coming.

Hypothetically speaking, of course…

Joking aside, they seriously will not shut up about it, will they!? Claiming it’s the best thing since a jam-filled doughnut (blasphemy!) and that it’s going to be huge, A-Listing it straight away, and playing it two to four times an hour. It appears Radio 1 is the UK’s biggest marketing tool: if you get the DJs talking about your song, nearly the whole nation is behind you, because by supporting you, they’re supporting Radio 1. How else would you explain that, with the click of a finger, Chris Moyles can get Tina Turner’s ‘The Best’ into the Top 10 just by asking the public to buy it?

So it comes as no surprise that this song is doing so well already: it’s at #2 on the Official Chart Update and has many people following it, desperately asking their friends if they can Bluetooth it to them because they’ve got no funds left on iTunes. But let me take you back to when I first listened to this song, having heard all the hype from Radio 1, Pop Justice, Digital Spy, etc, etc,. They were all saying it’s the perfect summer relaxation tune, but it’s already autumn so Labrinth really has missed the goal a bit if you ask me. It’s a song that celebrate sunshine yet, look outside and there isn’t any… usually. But despite this, I still listened to it with a unbiased palette beforehand.

It started off alright; your typical electronic R&B/dance song with a bubbling synth in the background, but when the chorus took over, I can’t say I was particularly impressed, purely because the bridge has one of those ever-so-popular WOOSHES but nothing was on the end, it was like a rocket backfiring; a little more than just a ‘slight’ disappointment, in fact, I thought it ruined what could’ve been a very good song, and it’s syncopated drum beat and icy, monotone synth-blips do absolutely nothing for me. Labrinth’s ropey vocals bother me too. Even though they haven’t previously, now it sound like he’s getting a really tight hug/squeeze around the chest from a jolly fat guy whenever he tries to “sing out”. Oh, and those “Beh-beh”s at the end of each line in the chorus get very annoying, very quickly.

And on top of that, the video is just like the equally irritatingly disappointing ‘Carry Out’ from Timbaland and Timberlake, only less sexual and more reflective.

It’s a bit of a wasted opportunity, not only because the chorus falls flat on it’s soulless face, but because Labrinth can’t seriously expect to be able to replicate the hype he’s had for ‘Let The Sun Shine’, can he? If it happens again with an equally unimpressive song then we’ll all know for certain something is wrong with Radio 1’s playlist.

By the way, that quip about the playlisting was meant to be like, REALLY funny. Like one o’ those proper LOL moments, because everyone knows the Radio 1 playlist is a bit naff. Adam Lambert anyone?

Rating: 2.5 STARS

Download: September 27, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: TBA

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