Single Review: Lady Gaga – Born This Way

At first, I had no words for the video that accompanied this single. 

I actually couldn’t believe that Lady Gaga had gone this far. I adored Lady Gaga a few months back. I loved every track she released…and then I saw all the comparisons made between her and Madonna. I didn’t really care at first as it was just an admiration, right? But the outfits, the videos, the sound. It’s a bit obsessive now.

Born this way…wigs, crazy costumes, spikes implanted into your head? You were most definitely NOT born this way. I actually am a bit disgusted at the new video. 7 minutes long, just to feel kind of uncomfortable watching an alien creature look like it’s giving birth. I understand that Lady Gaga is known for her crazy and extravagant execution of her videos but this was a bit much for me. 

Okay, I’m getting a bit off topic and getting distracted by reviewing the video rather than the song, but can you blame me?<br>The song itself I’m not crazy about either. I thought it would be one of those songs that you have to get used to…but it’s been a few weeks now and I still loathe it, as disturbing images from the video still flash to mind whenever I hear it. It sounds very cheesy 90s pop in my opinion. Compared to previous sounds she’s released, I was so, so disappointed with everything about this new release. 

Lady Gaga, we get it, you’re insane…now stop trying so hard to be different!

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