Single Review: Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. ft. Q-Tip & MNDR – ‘Bang Bang Bang’

In a time in the music industry where everyone from Alphabeat to Gabriella Cilmi, Lady GaGa to La Roux, and Kylie to Diana Vickers, are trying to re-create the long-lost 80’s sound, it’s very hard to stick your head above the crowd, especially seeing as tonnes of new artists and even established ones are turning to the genre. Why? Because it’s big now. That’s why.

One way of making your head stick above the crowd is by updating the sound a bit, so essentially your keep the 80’s innards, then tart up the fabrics to make in much more Now, and it’s those artists that succeed in making hits out of the genre, but it is very hard to ever get the facilities to do such a thing, usually resulting in a collaboration with RedOne, Stuart Price or – the current ‘Go-To’ guy – David Guetta, who do sort of steal your thunder because their productions are as easy to spot as a moose on a motorway.

But now, seeing as that variety of modernised dance-pop appears very worn out, with only the crème da la crème ever achieving hits by themselves, it does beg the question: What next?

Well, Mark Ronson & Co (as we’ll call them from now on to avoid retyping that ridiculously long title) have the answer: go COMPLETELY retro. Make it a blend of 80’s and 90’s cheesy pop with a bubbly synth riff and those good old times when rappers weren’t latched on to singles just to add to sales or to break certain markets. That was a good time; harmless, innocent pop music with plenty of things about them to make them appeal to thousands and thousands of individuals… y’know the time – when Will Smith was in the music business.

Obviously, Mark Ronson can’t do his best work alone – he’s said himself the songs on which he provides vocals for on his new album ‘Record Collection’ probably won’t be singles so here he is, inventing some weird branch name ‘The Business International’ so to show he’s back with a killer tune and he really does mean business and that he’s moved on from his horn parping on 2007’s ‘Version’, he’s also asked Q-Tip and Amanda Warner of MNDR fame who seem only to happy to provide their vocals on the track.

Upon listening, we get a good few seconds to soak up that delicious synth hook, before introducing Amanda’s warming, soft voice which works beautifully in contrast to Q-Tip’s dulcet rapping, which thankfully doesn’t sound out of place and actually enhances the song, rather than act like a lead bollard for the momentum. And to go that bit further, Amanda’s been instructed to sing little bits in French, for that extra bit of ‘va va voom’-ness an it proves Mark is bilingual… babe magnet *suggestive eyebrow*.

And the way that chorus comes in is pure brilliance, Q-Tip slows down the pace a little bit with hid raping the BOOM! Before you know it, Amanda’s taken over for a big speedy chorus who’s lyrics really are rather odd – “No way, bang you’re dead, here’s your silhouette/Je te plumarei la téte”… WOW, now THAT’S a pop lyric. 

And just look at this lovely video he’s provided us, all space-age and futuristic, which was very much the in thing in the late 80’s-90’s. It’s like children playing space invaders with fake guns!


I want that mixer.

In conclusion, whilst I’m usually very sceptical about artists’ comebacks, especially in they’re changing their direction of music, and even more so when it’s and artist I never really liked (Mark Ronson need not worry about this, this is just hypothetical), this comeback fro Mark Ronson & Co. will very easily burn up the airwaves over the summer. You’re going to love it.

Rating: 5.0 STARS

Download: July 12, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Record Collection’

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