Single Review: Maroon 5 – ‘Misery’

Y’know that new HURTS album? Yeah, called ‘Happiness’? Well, I always did say it was probably the worst name for that album because very rarely, if at all, is there a moment of such ‘Happiness’ on it. Thankfully, it was obvious Theo and Adam were only having a bit of a laugh with strategically applied irony.

So, like that (actually very good) album, Maroon 5’s huge, amazing, and all brilliant-like comeback single ‘Misery’ has a rather unusual name, because it follows the typical Maroon 5 sound and lyricism – it’s quite a cheery, rock/pop tune with some dark lyrics – but essentially, all you need to hear is the “Oh yeah” introduction, followed by the guitar riff and it’s hardly miserable at all.

As far as Maroon 5 singles go, this is undoubtedly up there with some of their catchiest moments but one of the biggest detractions for this song is that, it could’ve been released at any time from 2002-2008. By this I mean it’s classic Maroon 5 – a buoyant, poppy affair with a dark underbelly – but it’s not exactly a step forward. They’ve played it safe on their comeback and released something that would easily slip onto their last two albums without a second glance; it’s very formulaic rock/pop music, heck, it’s even EXACTLY three and a half minutes long!

Adam’s unmistakable vocals curl off the lyrics as the song wastes no time in getting into the chorus – “I am in misery/There ain’t nobody who can comfort me”. But why is this? Why is Adam feeling so down in the dumps? Surely he’s got someone to snuggle up to? To release all that stress?

Oh wait… he does… and they’ve got an RPG aimed at him.

As well as a knife, a car, and numerous other forms of torture (including that rather charming toilet cubical door) are just some of the ways a fit young model-type beats up Adam. Lord knows why, but surely you’d just… leave? At the sight of that size 6 hurtling towards my face I’d have been out of there instantly.

As is standard with the typical Maroon 5 single, it’s got many a hook, vocal and instrumental, such as the now clichéd, semi-falsetto used in the lines “Girl, you really got me bad/I’m gonna get you back”, so don’t expect this one to leave your brainwaves too soon, nor without a huge struggle; you may need some heavier material than JLS, people. Pendulum might do it.

I’ve decided what this song is… as in a perfect metaphor for it: okay, so it’s your birthday, and you’re expecting a big present from you distant Auntie’s boyfriend’s best friend’s pet turtle and instead of that big present you’ve been waiting twelve months, you get… DUN DUN DUN… a voucher.

Now come on, you can’t say whenever you get a voucher for your birthday it’s a little disappointing – you waited all this time, hoping and praying you’ll manage to amalgamate enough money from you birthday to go and buy that something you’ve put off for so long, and you get a colourful piece of paper which only allows you to buy something from somewhere like WHSmith’s, only to be consoled by “I couldn’t decide what to get you, so now you can!” line that everyone plays.

That’s what this song is like, after months of anticipation, it is a bit of a let down, even if it’s perfectly normal pop music, the Maroon boys could’ve at least shoved some life into it.

Rating: 3.0 STARS

Download: September 13, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Hands All Over’

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