Single Review: Maroon 5 – ‘Never Gonna Leave This Bed’

I don’t know about you, but considering Maroon 5 were one of the biggest American rock/pop bands to have achieved success in the UK during 2003-2005, their latest efforts just haven’t been up to scratch.

That is, of course, entirely open to the listener’s interpretations, please don’t feel the need for conformity towards my own opinion, but ‘Misery’ was a very typical Maroon 5 song in the sense that it was feverishly catchy, but it gave no sense of progression for the band and, after nearly seven years of active musical endeavours, you’d have thought the follow-up single, ‘Give A Little More’, may have actually, excuse the pun, given a little more.

Instead it, and the corresponding album, ‘Hands All Over’, became some of the band’s biggest chart failures in light of ‘Give A Little More’ failing to chart and their album, which may have once sat proudly at #6 on the UK Albums Chart, isn’t even certified Gold by the BPI yet.

Not that this is purely aimed to dull some of the band’s shine, as there is still plenty left. In fact, their new single, ‘Never Gonna Leave This Bed’ was one of the better moments from their latest album, proving that they still can provide catchy hooks and real sentiment, whilst keeping that jaunty pop style accustomed to their sound.

‘Never Gonna Leave This Bed’ starts immediately with Adam’s ever distinct vocals – a mixture of Mark Owen and James Blunt – and a charming piano melody. The lyrics are very much in the style of Maroon 5, too, seemingly whimsical and cheery with a darker connotative message. It’s not as obvious as the near-on sadism of ‘Misery’, but it’s one of the band’s better traits.

But even so, there still is that red flag going up in my mind that little progression has been made to distance themselves from their earlier material; it’s as if they don’t mind plateau-ing, ignorant to the fact that many will soon – most already have – become bored (Bon Jovi, take note). However, taking this into account, ‘Never Gonna Leave This Bed’ doesn’t need to show progression to be any good – it still signals rock/pop done well by a band who know how to find a catchy hook. At times, yes, Adam’s whining, anguished falsetto has all the emotional gravitas of a mosquito and this can deter the listener from enjoying the sweeter sentimentality of the song – and numerous others on the album – but their uncannily astute ear for melodic and vocal refrains more than compensates, and to some extent, it could be said to compliment.

Here’s the video: Nice box

0:40… Oh no, the Plague of the Shades has now reached Maroon 5! Darn you, Tinie Tempah,, Taio Cruz et al! At least Adam’s not wearing them indoors yet…

‘Never Gonna Leave This Bed’ is a delightfully refreshing pop/rock ditty that’s perfect for mid-spring/early summer. Signally the sunnier months ahead, it’s optimistic and fresh-faced message will appeal to many and hopefully put them back into the UK Charts, getting them then recognition they still deserve.

Rating: 4.0 STARS

Download: March 13, 2011 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Hands All Over’

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