Single Review: Matt Cardle & Melanie Chisholm LOVING YOU

When Matt Cardle wrote LOVING YOU, he intended to record it solo. That was before he ran into  Melanie Chisholm at this year’s Isle of Wight Festival and was struck by the notion that it could be tweaked to make a great duet. Melanie (Mel C. of Spice Girls fame) has duetted successfully before, most notably with Bryan Adams on their 1998 hit When You’re Gone. She has a voice that lends itself to harmonies and the collaboration with Matt works extremely well.

LOVING YOU is a bright, yet sultry summer number. It narrowly escapes being X rated for its sexy lyrics that might just send a few budding romances into overdrive. It is the lead single from Matt’s forthcoming third album and is enjoying success even before its release. It is currently number 1 in the Play,com pre-orders chart and is the Radio 2  record of the week from Monday 22nd July. This is great news and the extra exposure will increase the record’s chances of charting well. It also bodes well for album 3, due out in October. Matt, known to be a bit of a control freak where his music is concerned, has chosen Absolute Marketing to promote the album. He and his manager Will Talbot are planning to be very hands on in getting it to market – wish I knew what “IT”  was going to be called. It’s a bit like the Royal baby I suppose – until it’s born, it won’t be named.

Will album 3 follow LETTERS and THE FIRE straight into the top ten, giving Matt a hat trick of hit albums?  Probably.

Was the duet idea a shrewd one? Certainly.

Will Matt and Mel collaborate again in the future? Hmmm the crystal ball is a bit cloudy on that one, but time will tell.

In the meantime, let’s all enjoy LOVING YOU and look forward to the album.

©2013 Susan M. Phillips (Amazinsuphilips)

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