Single Review: McFly – ‘That’s The Truth’

McFly’s comeback may not have made quite the impact they desired. In fact, you could, what with only two top ten hits and an album – recently certified Silver – that barely managed to grab itself a seat inside the Top 20, be forgiven for not even knowing they’d made a comeback. It’s a bitter taste of the reality of the music scene right now. But, as The Hoosiers had already proven, even “going electro” or “going urban” can sometimes fail to tantalise taste-buds that, three years ago, would have been salivating wildly at the thought of McFly as a leather-clad superhero quartet with their own virtual city to defend. Despite this, McFly are steaming ahead with the third release from their comeback album ‘Above The Noise’.

‘That’s The Truth’, as you can most likely foretell from just the title alone, follows the typical McFly song topic – teenage heartbreak. But even so, McFly have always been very clever with the songs they write and perform – scour their back catalogue and you’d be hard-pressed (other than ‘5 Colours In Her Hair’) to find any material as gimmicky and as childish as their teenaged rocker counterparts, Busted, who, with a two-album career of odes to thunderbirds, crashing weddings and travelling forward 1000 years in time, never really showed any signs of maturity. McFly on the other hand, have progressed and matured like a fine wine and it shows now in their lyrics and music. I’d go so far as to say that their audience has most certainly widened – nothing about the lyrics of ‘That’s The Truth’ suggests it’s solely aimed at the teenaged market.

With swirling strings and shimmering synths, Tom and Danny take it in turns to provide vocals for the song and armed with yet another huge pop chorus and lyrics that add a lilt of bittersweet to the optimistic production, this should rightfully make a strong advance on the Top 10. However, my guess is it’ll stall around about #30 due to the free album give-away McFly participated in.

You could say, that all McFly have done here is re-write another one of their older songs and put an electropop backing to it. You could call them sell-outs for using synthesisers instead of guitars. You could even criticise them for collaborating Taio Cruz, an idea that on paper sounds less appealing than Jedward on helium and stimulants. Truth is, McFly have done exactly what needs to be done to ensure their fans and critics are kept happy and respectful, whilst doing everything that should keep them commercial. Counterbalancing the more “relevant” sound with lyrics about the struggles and strifes of difficult relationships with an adult contemporary twist, they’ve complimented the heavier electropop tracks like ‘Party Girl’ with very pleasing results.

Here’s the video: Have you noticed, how in every video since their new sound discovery they’re flaunting their guitars? It’s almost like they don’t want us to forget they can actually still play them. Mind you, they’ve always put their guitars in their videos, haven’t they?

Poor Dougie. It’s a very apt video, actually.

‘That’s The Truth’, whilst playing victim to a climax that doesn’t really climax, musically, and a few of those spitzy hand claps Dallas Austin is so fond of, manages to come across as a refreshing piece of pop with great vocals and even better lyrics to boot.

Rating: 4.0 STARS

Download: March 7, 2011 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Above The Noise’

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