Single Review: Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Wet’

“Imagination is in short supply with this song, and a lack of it is fast becoming synonymous with the ex-Pussycat Doll”


Digital Release: August 28, 2011

Physical Release: N/A

Three singles down, and the Nicole Scherzinger solo campaign bus shows little sign of stopping, despite running with loose wheels and a broken fan-belt, but it certainly wasn’t an easy start. Emerging from the remnants of a backfired solo career four years prior, a shelved album and quite possibly the worst thing that could happen during any solo campaign – public indifference – Scherzinger’s success could be commended simply on the grounds that she’s managed to scored three Top 10 hits and a Top 10 album given the torturous gestation of the project. However, she’s not to be so celebrated, knowing that the majority of her output is thrusting sex on a plate more avidly than when she was with her Pussycat backing dancers.

Scherzinger’s limited style erodes after a while, and her equally narrow vocabulary – “hot”, “love”, “yeah”, and numerous mutterings about the removal of clothes have about as much shine as a Wellington boot at the end of a Glastonbury Festival weekend. That said, she’s a master of her art, and one of the most convincingly sensual singers in pop music today. At least when you hear her purr about sexy times and her seduction skills you’re inclined to believe her, but even so, her pop persona is still on shaky ground. She’s more contrived than sincere, complacent in her musical surroundings, and comes off as something to be impressed by rather than something loveable.

‘Wet’ just isn’t that impressive though. There’s nothing more than sexy talk from Scherzinger, and from StarGate we get Eurovision-esque synths during the chorus backed-up by barely passable verses. The production is so squeaky clean and rigid that the line “This beat is filthy, dirty/I feel it all over me” is rendered completely null and void. Imagination is in short supply with this song, and a lack of it is fast becoming synonymous with the ex-Pussycat Doll. But when she aligns herself with RedOne and StarGate, it’d be foolish to expect much more.


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