Single Review: Olly Murs – ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’

Oh, how annoying it is when Simon Cowell changes a person into someone else more successful than his new spawn will ever be.

It’s no secret – he did a fairly good job in the first few years of the X Factor but now he’s turning everyone X Factor alumni into someone else – from Justin Timberlake to Mariah Carey and from Michael Bublé to Beyoncé, he very rarely has an original ‘artist’ under his wing. In fact… he’s built his career on unoriginal. Does he even have an original thought?

So now we have Olly Murs, who has a joint contract with Epic and Syco. Now I’ll admit it – I liked Olly on the X Factor, he never had the voice that stood out but what he did have, was a personality: he stamped his own thing on all his performances, so you can guess how pleased I was that he’d made the final, knowing that Simon would have a tough time moulding him into a more sellable rehash of another more successful artist, only to lose to Joe McElderry.

Even so, if Olly did win and did stand up to Simon… well, Steve Brookstein comes to mind.

But I was thrilled when he’d been given a record contract, but upon hearing it, I find it much easier to be unbiased than I thought it would be, because truth be told… it’s direly bland.

Olly’s huge personality exuded a cockiness that very rarely didn’t slip into arrogance in his performances, but it made him stand out above the pack of “Oh, I just want to be famous but not if someone gets put out by it”, namby pampy “I believe in karma” blimps that chocked up the show last year, so his début should’ve seen him coming about all guns blazing, like Brian Blessed aboard a chariot of fire, pulled by two winged bulls as he storms over a raging typhoon.

Instead, we have ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’. A bland, lifeless affair that reminds me of the kind of thing Mr. T would throw a Snickers bar at. It has no identity; I could name about five other singers in the Top 40 alone that could sing the lyrics, to arguably a more life-injected backing.

The song plods along inoffensively, as Olly Murs proves to us once again Simon Cowell’s money-making puppets are about as original as a good cliché. He sounds reminiscent of Will Young: the falsetto, the smooth Will Young-esque crooning that was absent during his much gruffer, rawer audition and live performances, even the music sounds like a typical contemporary track you could imagine Will singing.

On top of that, the verses appear to take apart and piece back together the chorus of Beyoncé’s ‘Halo’.

It’s all very summery, pleasing pop music but you can’t deny it’s a very weak début single, and without the breeze-block of his public profile thanks to the X Factor, radio, TV, tabloids etc. wouldn’t care to look at how poor it actually is more than once. It would just get blown away in the wind if it wasn’t for his past ‘success’.

The video isn’t great either, it has the makings of something quite original, but does appear to leave a few fall at the hurdle of slightly cringe-worthy. The worst part is obviously the fact that Olly Murs isn’t even the best thing that happen: the star of this video is the Joan Rivers look-alike with the dog on her lap, eyeing up the wine.

Given the current state of affairs, Olly’s onto a winner here, charming young girls as well as older one’s with his universally likeable style, but please, stop beating around the bush and release some proper Olly-style rock/pop, not this dreary, lovey-dovey, nonsense that seems too afraid to even admit it’s a pop song.

Rating: 2.5 STARS

Download: August 30, 2010

Featured Album: TBA

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    I won’t review it myself, so I’m glad you did it for me.

    I can’t stand this dude. To be honest, I can’t stand anybody who wears those gimpy hats – I’ve never seen anyone wear that type of hat who wasn’t a complete douche. That’s how I feel about Olly. And the song is so much nothing, I switch off every time it comes on TV.

    You touched on it in your review – he just doesn’t seem to have an identity except for whatever ‘role’ he was assigned back at the Syco ranch. You’ll be the roguish charmer, Olly. The ladies man. Mr Lover Lover. The girls will love it, you’ll sell hundreds of records. Win win, baby! *fake record exec smile*

    Oh, he makes my skin crawl.

    1. Dara Hickey

      Doesn’t he just? Instead of crafting his own niche in the business he’d rather hitch a piggy-back off of someone else who’s had some success. Typical Simon, making him do that… how did the last roguish charmer from Syco do? Let’s ask him… STEVE!!! Oh he’s busy.

      Point is, Olly will do exactly what he’s told, because he’s a desperate knob-head that I began to hate even back when he appeared on Deal Or No Deal. He’ll bend over frontwards for Simon in order to keep his contract, so our only salvation is that everyone realises that on the X Factor, he was very entertaining, but it should’ve been left at the X Factor.

      It sickens me that people who have made their own niche like a certain HURTS are being ignored in place of talent vacuums like this numpty.

      HURTS’ ‘Wonderful Life’ is out now. PLEASE BUY PEOPLE.

  2. ILove_OllyMurs

    I think that your article is soo wrong!

    Please dont let me go is a fantastic song for olly and the video shows his cheeky side that we all love!


    Number 1 here we come!

    1. Dara Hickey

      “Number 1 here we come”.

      ‘Fraid not. Radio 1 has snubbed Olly and refused to play ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’ at all. With the UK’s most popular radio station ignoring Olly’s début single, it won’t hold a candle to Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’, which is released in the same week as ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’, and unlike the aforementioned, ‘Teenage Dream’ is on Radio 1’s A-List.

      My guess is, thanks to little airplay and little promotion other than music channels.. it’ll enter at around #5-#4, with Katy sitting pretty at the top with the much better ‘Teenage Dream’.

    2. Gerard McGarry

      I have to second the amazing logic-bomb that OddOne just left there. Katy Perry FTW! I know Olly will have his fans out there, and good luck to him, but I’m kind of glad Radio 1 have walked away from this single. It’s the kind of depressingly bland material the public should simply not be subjected to.

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