Single Review: Olly Murs – ‘Thinking Of Me’

Hmm… well, you all know my opinion of X Factor alumni, with the exception of dear little Miss. Vickers and Miss. Burke (though both have had some awful songs thrown at them), and also my opinion of Mr. Murs’ last single ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’, but there is something… annoyingly charming at about his new release, ‘Thinking Of Me’. However, that’s not to say there isn’t anything remotely bad about it, because there is. Quite a lot actually.

Firstly, imagine yourself sitting somewhere by yourself, reminiscing on past memories of people who are no longer part of your life. You enjoy these memories. They’re appealing thoughts even if you know, later down the line, something not so enjoyable happens, but you refrain from dwelling on it. You begin to smile, without quite knowing why, or showing any reason to the outside world what instigated said smile.

Then, along pops your ex, piping up about how every one of your memories, from picking up sea-shells on a pebbled beach, to simply SITTING where they once did, was only induced because of you thinking of him first. “If you still pick up those sea-shells on that pebbled beach/Do you still get knocked down by the Bacardi breeze?/Then I know that you’re somewhere/Thinking of me”. That’s simply rude.

Now, I don’t know the terms that you and your ex parted on, I never said I did. And I’m not saying that, at the very thought of his accidentally egotistical sentiments, you’ll be as displeased as I am, but one thing can be drawn from such a circumstance: it’s clear why you left him. And I’m not trying to dig up the past so if you feel a bit teary now because something similar has happened to you, please just leave and recompose yourself outside the internet page. That would benefit us both.

Look, the point is, Olly Murs is a happy chappy. Perhaps a bit too happy chappy-ish for my liking, as I personally find his perpetually smug grin and wonky eyebrows a bit much sometimes. And if I were gazing into nothing, just thinking about memories that make me happy; memories that no other person knows about; the ones that do actually put that smile on your face (even if you look a bit bonkers to onlookers with your random smiling), I wouldn’t be too pleased to find Olly Murs spring out of the ether and start bounding over some bollards and metal gates with that grin on his face.

As for the song music, well, it’s instrumentation bears more than just a passing resemblance to Dodgy’s 1996 hit ‘Good Enough’ (who, incidentally, also had a #11 hit with ‘If You’re Thinking Of Me’. Conspiracy theorists: ATTACK). It’s in the same vein as ‘Please Don’t Let Me’ in that it’s very much the kind of inoffensive, adult contemporary sound Olly seems to be establishing himself with, only the chorus seems a little lost; a bit too buried, and throughout the whole song, you get the ever-growing feeling that some really awful lyrics is about to pop up, mainly because every line is pretty much a really awful lyric. For starters, they don’t really make any cohesive sense, except to his lost-lover’s memory; they just seem to be piled together not for the storytelling, but for the simple fact that they rhyme.

Let me clarify: at about 26 seconds into this new audio jobby Olly is releasing you begin to think “these lyrics actually cannot get any worse”, but be warned, because about 4 seconds later, YOU MAY ACTUALLY DIE. I won’t talk about it; my experience was so traumatic. If you actually manage to survive said lyric. Congratulations, and have yourself a listen to a bit of Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’, to make yourself feel better.

And the cherry on the top is when Olly mentions that he hears you’ve got a new boyfriend, and then explains how he clearly does not approve. So, to sum it up, Olly has appeared from nowhere, just to let you know that he is reason for your beloved memories that are currently occupying your head, and that you must be thinking of him while thinking of them. AND THEN he goes a waves a disapproving finger at your new choice of boyf. Ladies, warm up those slapping hands.

Here’s the video. Ohhhhh! Mr. Whirly is closed! Well then, it’s time to go buy one at the nearest Co-Op for 18p less me thinks… I seriously don’t know why the government don’t employ me to sort out this recession jobby. I’d be so good. Obv.

Hmm… the video is also very familiar. It looks just like Frankmusik’s video for ‘Confusion Girl’! In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s made by the same people.

‘Thinking Of Me’ proves Olly’s already getting a bit too big for his boots, following his *ahem* surprise #1 chart position with his début single. So that doesn’t mean he’s allowed to get away with songs like this. But even though there’s all those pejorative criticisms I can hurl at this song, Olly… awkwardly… sort of… pulls it off. It’s less annoying than his last single, if you can ignore the lyrics and concentrate more on the tune– oh what they hell am I chattin’? Ignore the lyrics? Now that’s just silly. But still, it/s better than ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’.

Rating: 3.0 STARS

Download: November 22, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Olly Murs’

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Boyd Hilton from Heat called this song “bland cod reggae”, while a snarkier Twitter watcher called Murs a “Shit Suggs”. You know the drill – it’s mediocre music for people who don’t really care about music. They’ll drum their fingers on their steering wheels to this while stuck in traffic until the new Scouting For Girls song comes on.

    Incidentally, Olly Murs is only slightly less irritating than Scouting For Girls because there are three of them. I dread to think what would happen if next year, Simon Cowell decided to go for a piece of the Take That market and form a band around the bargain-bin equivalent of Robbie (that’s you, Olly). Can you imagine? 

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