Single Review: Paul Liddell THE ENDS OF THE EARTH

Paul Liddell has become something of an international act. He is currently playing gigs in Germany and Belgium and recently crossed the pond to play in the USA.  By all accounts it’s going very well. Hardly surprising, given his reputation as a superb live musician and his absolute artistic integrity. I’ve seen him perform live just once when he supported Matt Cardle in Birmingham. It isn’t nearly enough.

Paul has a new single coming out in early September.  It’s called THE ENDS OF THE EARTH and is his first with new label Regulus. He isn’t one for mushy love songs, preferring to take a wry, yet entertaining look at what is happening around him and shine a spotlight on injustice and society’s other ills.

The title track is a gentle, yet heartfelt song with thought provoking lyrics about his sense of belonging to his native Sunderland and his depression at its decline. Strangely, despite the pessimistic lyrics, the more I listen, the more I feel drawn to visit the area. This song has become a favourite at Paul’s live shows and it is plain to see why. His subtle, yet clear vocals, native accent and percussive guitar style bring the song alive beautifully.

The second track THE PIANO BURNS is a bittersweet commentary on how it can sometimes be tough to be on the carousel that is fuelled by demands of an insatiable audience when your heart is breaking. At present, in contrast, his heart seems in pretty good condition. His reputation is building and Paul is loving it. I like THE PIANO BURNS at least as much as the title track, but had thought it a little short until I checked the label to discover that it’s over four minutes! The tune is definitely moreish.

THE ENDS OF THE EARTH is released on the Regulus Music label on the  2nd September 2013 and after listening to both tracks repeatedly for several  days without tiring of them, I can definitely recommend it.


©2013 Susan M. Phillips (Amazinsuphilips)



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