Single Review: P!nk – ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’

“It’s business as usual for P!nk on ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’, which is all fine and dandy because P!nk’s line of business is generally being balls-out amazing, anyway”


Digital Release: September 2, 2012

Physical Release: N/A

A new P!nk album is like a health check for the record industry.  She’s one of those artists whose steady fanbase and enormous demographic crossover is a topic of envy to the more de jour breed of artist, resisting re-invention in favour of stability and loyalty. Her niche may have remain unchanged since her earlier days (save the transition from ‘Can’t Take Me Home’ to ‘Missundaztood’), but seeing as she’s pretty much the only artist in said niche, there’s little to complain about with regards to her consistency. Many have tried to battle her in the rebel-pop stakes, but most fall by the wayside into teenybopper princesses (e.g. Avril Lavigne) or stark raving lunacy incapable of creating much of P!nk’s empathy (e.g. Nicki Minaj).

In many ways it’s a surprise P!nk isn’t an even bigger star: she’s a song-writing talent with a wit sharper than an eagle’s talon and a vocal powerhouse who, much like Kelly Clarkson, is quite underrated in it’s diversity and power. Instead of continuous overexposure to the point where new songs roll out every couple of months, her fans remain silently confident that when a P!nk album is announced, it’ll be jam-packed with unmistakably P!nk songs that on the surface are unabashedly pop-friendly but hide a darker internal inertia. Regardless of the stubborn comfort of her rock-pop sound, conformity is something that just isn’t on the menu for P!nk. ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’, right from the back-of-the-class giggling in it’s title to the choral cries of “Have you had a shit day? Yeah!”, happily joins a collection of songs from a profoundly prolific pop artist who’s sometimes successful and sometimes obscure, and best of all, entirely her own.

‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’ is rife with hooks, perhaps moreso than her last lead single, ‘So What?’, and is brimming with catchiness right from the first beat through to it’s chanting climax. One of P!nk’s greatest feats is to be able understand people in her music. Her lyrics might not make much sense to some, but when discussing uncertainty about whether or not to abandon a partner, a chorus full of doubts and stumbling over one’s own thoughts – “I think I maybe think too much” – is pretty spot on, really. And therein lies the strength to her music, even the more outlandish feel-good anthems like ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’. There’s no staunch effort to set herself away from everyone else – what we see here feels natural and convincing; someone who clearly doesn’t think too much when it comes to making great pop music and as a result produces something actual humans can relate to. It doesn’t attempt to impact popular culture by diving headlong into state of the art technology or date itself with it’s own impenetrable linguistic strata (YOLO, anyone?). And quite possibly ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’s success is a surprise if everything it’s deliberately ignorant of is what we’ve come to expect in order to enjoy pop music, but in light of said success, it’s good to know the high culture name-dropping and duck-voices isn’t as resilient as music like P!nk’s. It’s reliable pop music; it’s business as usual for P!nk on ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’, which is all fine and dandy because P!nk’s line of business is generally being balls-out amazing, anyway.


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