Single Review: Preeya Kalidas ft. Mumzy Stranger – ‘Shimmy’

Ahhh… another ‘singer’ from a soap opera wants to venture into the world of music. Well, I could easily just ignore it like it never happened because, looking back at the track record of soap-stars to popstars, it’s hardly the Grammy’s all over again.

Preeya Kalidas was obviously spotted when she did a little note-holding on EastEnders a couple of months back, and now she’s got a record deal, so basically she’s just sold her soul to complete public embarrassment if she doesn’t deliver the goods, because it’ll show us she tried and got bored at acting so she went and tried and failed at singing, leaving her totally embarrassed and she’ll probably end up in the West End, regardless of whether her music was good or not. Look at Jedward, they can’t sing and their music is all cover material and their début album went to #1 in Ireland. Expect to see them hosting a CBeebies TV show next year.

But anyway, back to Preeya, upon signing this record deal, she could’ve just done what most other actors/public figures come ‘singers’ do and put out a really tongue ‘n’ cheek, happy-happy, far too over the top song that was in fact about as subtle as a vuvuzela in a church and then get people to buy it buy simply saying “Oh, but it’s for a charity”. But has dear Preeya done this? I don’t believe she has… In fact, despite the clichéd “how low can ya go” one-liners and rather lacklustre chorus, this song shows signs that some brains were at the production helm, but maybe few less were at the song-writing helm.

The reason it’s taken me so long to write this review, is that there’s something incredibly forced about the song, like it’s trying too hard to please. It could just be Preeya’s incessant yelping at the beginning, or it could be the fact that the record label are so worried over Preeya’s success that they latched on another nobody rapper.

Side note to anyone from a Record Label: Just because you shove a rapper onto a song, that does not ensure it will sell… in fact it makes the song quite shit; look at how Preeya’s doing in the charts and you’ll see it doesn’t always work. Paloma Faith isn’t doing too well either.

Anyhoo, that’s the second time I’ve allowed myself to be distracted… see how much abandon this song drags along with it? It’s a good song, with all the right intentions don’t get me wrong, but as I said before, it’s not naturally flowing, at points it seems to plod along as if the song itself doesn’t even know where it’s going, making all the effort in the production and song-writing department about as useful as an epileptic trampolinist.

I like the fact Preeya’s taken time to put in some culture to the song, as I said, she could’ve just got some charity behind her, a few horns and some well-known TV characters for the video, and she’s have a sure-fire hit, but she’s taken the time to add her own home-country’s musical influences, from the tabla and the dohl to the Indian-influenced choreography, there’s something about it you have to commend, as well as hate.

It’s nice to see the video’s not all sunshine, rainbows and TV personalities either:

Of course, Mumzy Stranger is completely dispensable, in the same way Snoop Dogg was for Katy Perry, and Pitbull is for just about anyone he’s ever worked with, but the fact Mumzy sounds like Sean Paul adds some much needed spice to go on top of Preeya’s offering because, aside from the drums, at about one minute in you realise just how bare it is. And this leaves you more confused: should you commend it for making something fairly enjoyable out of a voice, a synth and two drums? Or penalise it for lacking the amount of effort required to make a decent hit

I’ll leave it up to you.

Rating: 3.0 STARS

Download: July 26, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Preeya’

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