Single Review: Rebecca Black – ‘My Moment’

She’s resorted to fumbling about in the dark. Searching, as we are, for some shred of direction.


Digital Release: July 17, 2011

Physical Release: N/A

There’s a reason the expression “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” hasn’t eroded over time and is still a staple used today. Arguably all generations alive today have heard of it and appreciate it’s simple message. But what’s made it resonate so persistently into today’s world is that it’s very true. Even if another chance to make an impression does arrive, there’ll always be a memory of that first encounter lingering somewhere in the path of the later encounters.

And whilst no-one likes to openly take advice that’s spoon-fed to them, this is one piece of advice Rebecca Black would’ve been wise to adhere to, as it now seems her entire career will be built upon the notorious ‘Friday’ surge of interest, with many of her actions and attempts at launching a successful music career being laughed off after the overpowering atrocities of her début single.

‘My Moment’s message is as predictable as it’s title suggests, but it’s intentions are half-admirable: clearly, Rebecca wants her “time to fly high” and wants to prove her so-called musicality whilst proclaiming that no negative opinions can affect her. Good on her, but she comes across as a scared little girl with no personality to be found; it’s been overthrown by the accompanying notion that the simplest mention of such dastardly doings that constitute the big selling points in today’s industry (sex, clubs, and da girlz) will scare her away for good. It’s as if Rebecca and her production team thought that despite the lack of confidence that torments ‘My Moment’ (particularly in the vocal department), it’s faux-inspirational message were just what millions of people bedazzled by staid pop music about overcoming struggles would pay money for. She trundles aimlessly through a synth-ridden production with all the style and subtlety of a High School Musical tribute act, but all the same you get the feeling not even she knows where ‘My Moment’ is meant to be going – something which probably stems from her timidity, and so she’s resorted to fumbling about in the dark. Searching, as we are, for some shred of direction.

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