Single Review: Robyn – ‘Hang With Me’


 Y’know those Olay ads that claim to be able to “revitalise and rejuvenate” you skin? Yeah, they don’t work. They don’t add anything to your skin to “plump up” those “life story lines”, they just stimulate what you already had in your skin, like elastin – it’s a tissue protein, you can’t bottle it… Oh, and there’s no such thing as pearl protein (pearls are mineral), mango milk (milk comes from a cow, yeah?), or eucalyptus dew (all dew is water, people). And chances are, that “crushed pearl” you find in your waste of fifty quid is actually the same stuff you’d find in Clearasil – synthetic beads (made of plastic).

Fear not, dear readers, this isn’t Watchdog or some abstract QVC ad campaign: it’s basically meant to demonstrate how hard it is the “revitalise and rejuvenate” pretty much anything that’s already reached it’s peak.

Robyn’s second single to be released from the ‘Body Talk’ era, ‘Hang With Me’’ is a revamp of a ballad that appeared on ‘Body Talk Pt. 1’, and now she’s attempting to give it the dance music overhaul and a club-friendly beat to make it appeal to a more mainstream audience. It’s risky business, because some say it seems like she couldn’t come up with a completely new, single-quality song in the space between ‘Body Talk Pt. 1’ and ‘Body Talk Pt. 2’, and so resorted to taking something she’d already recorded, giving it a new feel, and releasing it as a new song. And to others, it’s a stroke of pure genius, and love the idea of re-birthing the beautiful acoustic ‘Hang With Me’.

Considering her biggest hits are the likes of ‘Dancing On My Own’ and ‘Every Heartbeat’, it’s no wonder the Swedish pop songstress is feeling like she can’t trust those who are around her – “Just don’t fall recklessly, heedlessly in love with me/Cuz it’s gonna be/All heartbreak, blissfully, painful and insanity”, she sings throughout the chorus as a warning to her friends not to fall for her devilishly deceptive smile and intriguing approach to anything pop.

Following suit with ‘Dancing On My Own’, ‘Hang With Me’ discusses quite a sad idea, but unlike her previous Top 10 hit, it does it in a happy way, with bubbling synth melodies and sudden SWOOSHES to liven things up, only that’s the problem: it doesn’t. The song has very few differences to it’s acoustic cousin on ‘Body Talk Pt. 1’; except for the electronic amplification, this is exactly the same song, and no matter how much Robyn may try to “revitalise and rejuvenate” it, nothing can stop the fact that, on the surface, the music she has applied of very boring and repetitive.

There are many points during the song where it sounds like something huge is about to happen, like the sudden surge of synthesiser action is signalling the approach of a big, riotous and, dare I say it, camp chorus but after the whoosh is over, nothing happens. The chorus starts. But it’s the same music we heard in the verse, just with different lyrics.

And if the video’s anything to go buy, you’d think she was running severely low on budget because, as nice a video as it is, it is very low budget. Although very nice at the same time.


1:37 & 1:39… Robyn looks gawj innit.

After the 5 stars brilliance and utter emotional conviction we were treated to on ‘Dancing On My Own’, this is quite a let down; by no means a bad record, but for Robyn, it’s just not up to the standard of her poignant, lovingly produced previous singles.

Though, if you had a penchant for “revitalised and rejuvenated” products, then ‘Hang With Me’ is a hell of a lot cheaper than a silly little pot of Olay.

Rating: 3.0 STARS

Download: September 13, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Body Talk Pt. 2’


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