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As I’ve said before, music is a very influential thing, it can make us feel things that nothing else can; it can us wants to do things we’ve never done before; it can make us want to party all night long as well, so it’s safe to say music has quite an impact on us as humans.

Most of the time – especially during the summer – you’ll find plenty of lyrical treats in uptempo club thumpers like Enrique’s ‘I Like It’, which harboured the beauty – “My girlfriend’s out of town/And I’m all alone”, sorry Enrique, infidelity and unfaithfulness is not a good thing, even if your girlfriend’s back is turned, I hear Mark Owen, Tiger Woods, Ashley Cole and Ronan Keating could give you more info. And of course, who could forget “You could be the DJ/I could be the dancefloor/You could get up on me” from the still very hedonistic, ‘The Club Is Alive’… because, as so kindly put by Oritse: “it’s a song that defines us and what we’re about and it sends out the message we want teenagers to hear”… REALLY!?

But nothing, and I mean nothing, tops Tinie Tempah’s offer of a chocolate biscuit from the promiscuous ‘Frisky’. What’s that, Tinie? A chocolate biscuit? A risk? I don’t quite know what exactly I’d be risking but for a chocolate biscuit, hell yeah… I’m sold.

Even Roll Deep’s last hit ‘Good Times’ was riddled with plenty of colloquial language and terribly narcissistic lyrics like “When I come round the good times are here” accompanied with a typically throw-away video of everybody in a club whilst the walls seemed to coruscate balloons, champagne, strobe light etc, etc.

But anyway, that was then, and this is now. And what do we hear from Roll Deep’s latest smash-in-waiting? Well there’s another auto-tuned nobody with a fit bod singing about waiting for a green light. But this could be seen as a good thing! Roll Deep are promoting road safety! Maybe they learnt something about London’s roads after sending Jodie Conner around in that taxi in the ‘Good Times’ video. But you then find out it’s about getting the all-clear to walk up to someone in… oh look… one o’ them clubs.

Aaaaand then in comes Wiley… and a bit of deja vu too. “The night’s so young/And I wanna have fun/So I’m gunna keep going/Till the party is done”. Typically throw-away lyrics that mean absolutely nothing but scoring a good time; and it’s very annoying when people constantly repeat themselves in more than one song, because the lyrical structure and content is about the same as that of ‘Good Times’ rapping – “The night ain’t done/The night’s still young/It’s just started it’s just begun”.

Oh really? Just begun eh…? *yawns* Well anyhoo I’m off to bed: you’re boring me.

Maybe this trash will have some amazing video? I think it needs it because the song is dire… My nan’s dentures provide more of a punch than this.

Hmm.. It seems they’ve upgraded their mode of transport from the ‘Good Times’ video. Problem is… those perambulatory automobiles are supposed to actually do some moving in an actual lateral direction so you might actually look credible in it; sitting still makes it look like you’re hiding gout or something. You can’t sit there gawping in the middle of the road.

So, let’s sum this up… Roll Deep has, over the years, been home to the likes Tinchy Stryder, Dizzee Rascal and Skepta, and has had over 28 different members since 2002. It now has 16 members (not including collaborations e.g. Jodie Connor), and despite this, the collective force cannot come up with a decent, meaningful verse even, let alone an actual song. It sounds the same as ‘Good Times’; it basically IS the same – it blurts out the same message; the different individuals are whining that they want to have fun, but trust me when I say: watching the painful video along with this is about as fun as a car crash.

Oh look, Roll Deep’s the fatality of said car crash. Well you can’t say I didn’t tell them not to park in the middle of the road.

The best thing about Roll Deep is, despite their obvious penchant for a bit of fun, they’re probably the most fallacious act to ever pop up out of the ground – they’re not exactly going to have longevity is what I’m saying, regardless of who joins.

Rating: 2.0 STARS

Download: August 16, 2010

Featured Album: ‘Winner Stays On’

END NOTE: Despite how bad the song is, and how it’ll be forgotten about in two months, it’ll probably top the charts… the charts this year are abominable compared to last year, with a string of awful #1 singles.

END NOTE #2: Acknowledgements go to RandomEnigma. I used one of his comments to fashion a witty remark.

I’d be king at recycling.

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