Single Review: Selena Gomez & The Scene – ‘A Year Without Rain’

I’ve always though Selena & The Scene has a bit more of a ring to it than Selena Gomez & The Scene, but oh well, let’s not dwell on that now that it’s off my chest.

Selena Gomez, being the latest alumnus of the Disney franchise has clearly settled in the genre of eurodance/europop; the kind of music that would sell bucket loads across Europe, particularly in Germany and Belgium because they just love their dance music, don’t they? In fact, ‘A Year Without Rain’ has already peaked at #3 in Belgium.

That being said, us Brits aren’t too fond of eurodance, we seem to prefer something a bit heavier, like the dance scene currently evolving out of our own grime, R&B, pop, and electropop acts. So Selena may have shot herself in the foot with this release, purely because she’s isolated her two biggest markets; there was something very commercial about début single ‘Naturally’ and ‘Round And Round’, even if the lyrics were awful and ridiculously thrown together, but with ‘A Year Without Rain’ we see her lyrics and vocal skills improve – “My heart is yearning/Like the ocean that is running dry”, and there’s a faint nod towards Agnes in the production. The catchiness has also improved, and after what was the fairly desperate attempt at being sexy in ‘Round And Round’, the third release from Selena’s sophomore album manages to convince us she knows when to hold back and achieve better results than if she was just to go all out.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, the fact that this is good doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll appeal to the UK or even the US market. It’s blipping synths, faintly sonic sound and subliminal beat are no match for the thumping Guetta & RedOne productions being released at the same time as ‘A Year Without Rain’.

The video is pretty simple, and borrows a few ideas from Taylor Swift’s ‘Mine’ video, but at least her dress is nice.

What Selena has done with this release, is what Miley’s been trying to do for quite a while – ditch the Disney feel to her music. And whilst ‘Naturally’ and ‘Round And Round’ were very much camp, Disney-esque affairs, ‘A Year Without Rain’ succeeds at proving you don’t have the whip your clothes of to distance yourself from the Disney feel to your music.

Rating: 4.0 STARS

Download: November 22, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘A Year Without Rain’

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