Single Review: SoundGirl – ‘Don’t Know Why’

“The three girls sing with sweet, chirping voices that give the impression they haven’t quite matured yet”


Digital Release: June 19, 2011

Physical Release: N/A

Amidst the current crop of manufactured girl groups – that is, those that have assaulted the charts (or tried to) since as recent as 2007 – have all been missing one thing: individuality. Now, individuality is nothing new on the agenda of imperative considerations a new girl group has to look into, looking back at the more successful groups like The Spice Girls – all coming as-standard as their own individual spice. Or Girls Aloud, who’s personalities shone – sometimes, a little too ubiquitously for one to swallow without choking or at least grimacing – beyond their music and were drip-fed into popular culture through the omnipotent media, allowing the bridge between artist and music to be built out of a feverish hunger from adorning fans to simply know which one did what, when, and with whom. But alas, such privileges aren’t earnt from even overnight success. The one thing the great girl groups had that many of today’s manufactured contemporaries don’t are the brilliant pop tunes like ‘Wannabe’ and ‘Biology’.

So then we have this strange limbo dictated by the fickleness of music purchasers and record label executives that make it nigh-on impossible for many rising girl groups to reach wide-spread prominence and success. This is because individuality can only be reached after a long time in the field, but how are these pop starlets going to last long in the field if their music isn’t up to the standard us Brits are so used to when it comes to our beloved girl groups?

It’s a question that arose whilst I listened to SoundGirl’s début single, ‘Don’t Know Why’. Groups like Wonderland, Belle Amie, Parade, and now SoundGirl can’t expect to last very long – or even at all – in the UK market with sub-standard melodies and indistinguishable voices such as those featuring on ‘Don’t Know Why’.

Alongside a summery, electro-latino-pop production, the three girls sing with sweet, chirping voices that give the impression they haven’t quite matured yet, and so recycled lyrics come line by line –“Why does your love/Hurts so much?/Why? I don’t know why”, and with no discernible hook or innovation, SoundGirl appear as nothing more than three girls plucked from a conveyor-belt. And as of now, they certainly don’t have the musical ammunition to be able to intrigue for long enough to impress individuality; they’ll soon join the ranks of Mini Viva and Girls Can’t Catch.

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