Single Review: Taylor Swift – ‘Mine’

Up to now, Taylor Swift has always struck me as a bit of a whiny teenager who can only ever seem to write songs like ‘‘Love Story’ and ‘Teardrops On My Guitar’, where she’s warbling on about “the One” and he makes her feel, when she’s not doing that, she’s singing the exact same story, but in Third Person.

These tales of sweetly romantic, love-struck pubescence seem to be the only way Taylor can express herself to her audience, and I’m sure she appeals to many, but to me, she comes across as someone who doesn’t know what else to say, and so resorts to repeating herself, each time disguising the same story in an amalgamation of bittersweet metaphors.

Aaaaand, cue new single ‘Mine’, which must have the most telling title ever: seeing as she’s most likely not going to be sampling those adorable little seagulls from Finding Nemo, we can already tell she’s going to be singing about a love she possesses with another. It’s practically a-given. They’ll be a guitar; they’ll be a catchy chorus: they also come a-given with Taylor, and are her more enjoyable assets.

So here I am, listening to ‘Mine’, and whilst it possesses all the typical Taylor Swift idiosyncrasies, it’s odd… more… sophisticated. Sure there’s those slightly same-y lyrics and her Stepford voice, void of any emotion other than giddy excitement (which is quite apt at points in the song), but there’s an actual charm to it, like it’s actually… beautiful, and you begin to empathise with Taylor, even though her stories echo the overblown fantasies of a day-dreaming school girl at times.

However, there is one query, and that is when dear Taylor ‘sings out’ toward the end, y’know, where she goes “You are the best thing/That’s ever been MUH-IIIIINE”, it sounds very forced, but not pleasantly. It doesn’t sound natural either. It’d be like Cheryl Cole trying to sing ‘I Will Always Love You’: you just know she can’t do it live.

The video is typically Taylor. She’s looking all angelic and virgin-like, walking by herself and glancing over her shoulder amongst some greenery etc., etc., whilst being interspersed with scenes of her and the newest hot model to feature as her lover boy.


Is it just me or does she always wear that white dress?

It’s pleasing. It’s nicer than her last efforts, and she’s grown lyrically and musically too. I’m still not sold on her completely, because she is still doing what she’s done on her previous two albums, so I’ll wait till that until I pass final judgment, but for now, ‘Mine’ will hold my anticipation.

Rating: 3.0 STARS

Download: October 18, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Speak Now’

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