Single Review: The Black Eyed Peas – ‘Don’t Stop The Party’

“It’s single-minded desperation for the dancefloor is best signalled with a mere glance at the title”


Digital Release: June 12, 2011

Physical Release: June 26, 2011

It’s a sad though when you look back at how The Black Eyed Peas have changed from soul-infused hip hop to certifiably soulless drivel with the audacity to sample some of the most unusual choices and completely bastardise the melodies with all the arrogance is known for. It’s enough to make one question each motive for the sudden musical change with the same blinded assumptions and lyrical blunders they all make when it’s their turn to take the microphone and discuss their devotion for the parties.

For instance, their new release, which is, expectedly, more of the same from the insipidly uninspiring foursome: it’s single-minded desperation for the dancefloor is best signalled with a mere glance at the title, which, effectively, is probably more worth reading and accepting that that’s all there is to the song, and not bothering with even listening to it, because when you do,’s strangled auto-tune, uninteresting melodies and desperate rhymes leave one chuckling to oneself, particularly at’s attempts to rhyme the words “lyricals”, “digital”, “aboriginal”, and “genitals”. Observe the lyric: “Kill you with my lyricals/Call me verbal criminal”. It’s hard not to laugh or at least let a gleeful smirk slide across the face because, for someone who’s vocabulary rarely exist outside associations with the club scene,’s self-proclaimed verbal omnipotence seems to have been misplaced quite obviously. is clearly trying to procure for the party scene, that much is obvious, so it’s not like we should expect the lyrics to be of a Bob Dylan philosophy, but even for hip hop these lyrics about himself give the listener no intent to dance and even less intent to bother listening to him regurgitate the same slurry that can be heard on their other singles since ‘The E.N.D.’

And to be blunt, Fergie sounds like a man on this record thanks to the processing, and her criminal under-use leaves one swamped by the others’ egos, making ‘Don’t Stop The Party’ just another bland bit of dancefloor fodder in the ever-increasing line of painfully generic, ego-charged techno hits that were probably expensive to make, but end up sound depressingly cheap.


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  1. RandomEnigma

    Totally agree, OddOne.

    Once, one of my favourite groups, the Black Eyed Peas have seriously underwhelmed this era with insipid, soulless party songs. I thought their may have been hope with the rather lovely Just Can’t Get Enough but nope -they really have lost their edge!

  2. Dara Hickey


    Oh my days it’s been a while! Haha! How’ve you been? What’s it like in Uni? I miss your contributions to Unreality Shout and now Fraser has left ChartBlog and we’ve all moved away to a site that Samir made for us, and it’s quite a nice little community, so if you want to join then feel free – there’s only about eight of us regulars so it’s like ChartBlog only in a forum set-up. 🙂

    But yeah! Where’ve you been all this time? :L And I completely concur with your thoughts on BEP; they were so good and their music was probably more danceable way back when than it is now; it’s just a pile a steaming turd if I were being blunt about it.

    1. RandomEnigma

      Yes, yes. I’m still alive.

      Uni has been great! I really love it and am having so much fun. I’ve just been incredibly busy this last year and haven’t really got around to posting much on this site at all. But I’m going to make some time to post here more because I miss writing and my skills could do with a good work out (on something other than college assignments).

      Yeah, I checked out the Chart Blog a while back and realised that it’s now sadly defunct. 🙁 I will join that forum if you can link it to me – I’m not as into pop music as I used to be. I’m a bit disillusioned with the unimaginative and shallow pop scene at the minute but I haven’t given up on it completely! I’ll be happy to join discussions. 🙂

  3. Dara Hickey

    Well in any case, it’s good to have you back! And don’t think you’re the only one who’s majorly disgruntled with the absolute state of today’s charts and such. It’s just dire, isn’t it? Most of them songs I review these days end up with 3 stars or lower if they’re chart-headed, not through routine, but because eveything in the charts is just that bad! I think the only song (since I returned from my reviewing hiatus due to numerous laptop issues) that I gave more than 3 stars AND is in the charts is Coldplay’s new one. And I wasn’t even being biased! :L <– One for the Favourites bar, I think :L It’s a rather odd URL. 🙂

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