Single Review: The Feeling – ‘Set My World On Fire’

“The Feeling have really come back with an innovative and excellently stylised summer tune”


Digital Release: May 1, 2011

Physical Release: June 12, 2011

After catching on to the sudden indie wave of popularity that grasped hold of the charts way back when, The Feeling enjoyed great success in both their singles and their début album, the cheery indie-infused ‘Twelve Stops And Home’. Their sophomore effort, the slightly more troublesome ‘Join With Us’, was less successful and only one Top 10 single was produced, so that pretty much rules out any possible radio pick-up with this, their latest single, ‘Set My World On Fire’, which sees an alteration in sound. Dropping the indie rock-isms and employing summer in instrument form, the fivesome have readied one of the summeriest-sounding songs of 2011 thus far, and there’s not a mention of the club, the beach or the shawties in earshot, you’ll be pleased to hear.

With little more than a simple guitar riff, a drum loop (complete with synthesised hand claps) and some laid-back synths, lead singer Dan Gillespie-Sells croons softly about an up-and-down relationship, which may seem perfunctory but due to his clear, vulnerable vocal and lyrics – We all wanna be free/But not alone”, they hang delicately over the production with the modest air of sophistication. And the praises don’t stop there: the chorus then erupts into a huge sing-along indie-pop ditty with warming sentimental harmonies from all five members and none of the cheesiness. The song goes from strength to strength, the combined melodies and call-and-response style chants showing that The Feeling have really come back with an innovative and excellently stylised summer tune.

And even though the band put back the release of their comeback single by just over a month – so to allow sufficient quantities of CDs to be distributed once the decision to give the song a physical release was made – this song won’t head anywhere chart-wise. It’s positively slipped under the radar of the radio and, according to YouTube, the video’s view count is very poor despite being available since early May.

But no matter – this really is one of the strongest comeback singles for a very long time, and it shows because long after the song’s finish, it’s guitar riff and shimmering synths are still ringing in your head for days.


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