Single Review: The Hoosiers – ‘Bumpy Ride’

Apologies for the lack of picturehead. I realise The Hoosiers are very aesthetically pleasing and all, but for some reason I’m not allowed to add an image without upsetting a red box explaining how I cannot edit my own blog. Anyway, this is a review of The Hoosiers’ new single. Dive in…

[Insert joke about The Hoosiers’ recent chart performance, their new single’s title, and it’s relevance to said chart performances, here]

Okay, setting it out, The Hoosiers’ comeback has been lukewarm to say the least. Their sophomore efforts don’t quite equate to the massive sales of their début album and it’s corresponding singles. Comeback single ‘Choices’ charted at the most frustrating position of all – #11 – and their album failed to be certified Gold. To top it all off, they had to cancel the second release from ‘The Illusion Of Safety’ – ‘Unlikely Hero’ (originally scheduled back in October 2010) and here they find themselves, seven months later, to release ‘Bumpy Ride’, a truly autobiographical song if ever there was one.

Problem is, this release is doomed from the start. There was little interest in The Hoosiers seven months ago so by now they’d be lucky if they got mentioned in a list of “Bands Who Released Albums Last Year”. As well as that, Radio 1 have turned their back on them and seem to have completely ignored their existence since their comeback.

But none of this suggests any correlation with the quality of their material. ‘The Illusion Of Safety’ packed some of the best pop anthems and Queen-gone-electro-isms this side of 2000. ‘Bumpy Ride’, is stacked full to the brim of hooks – instrumental and vocal – wrapped perfectly in a blanket of clattering drums, shimmering synths and bubbling energy; it’s as bouncy as a pogo stick on a trampoline with a chorus that’ll stick in your head like the bubble-gum electropop it is, and you can be sure the line – “It’s gonna be a bumpy ride (Bumpy ride!)/But it sure beats standing still” will be banging about on the inside of your skull for days, simply refusing to loosen it’s hold.

The brilliant thing about this song is it’s typically The Hoosiers. Not once do you get the feeling they’ve alienated the fans they garnered upon the success of their first album. They’ve been catered for as well as this entirely new demographic of synth-lovers.

Here’s the video: Who says Lady GaGa is the only one who can do 8-minute videos? Huh!?

So THAT’S what they’ve been doing for several months!

‘Bumpy Ride’ is an unashamed, huge, pop concoction that’d explode onto the chart if given the right promotion and released at the right time. The problem is, will it ever be the “right time”? Half the reason The Hoosiers were so popular when they débuted with the wonderfully quirky ‘Worried About Ray’ and followed-up with the deliriously catchy, 2-beats-a-bar, camp rock stomp of ‘Goodbye Mr. A’, was because wonky-pop and bubblegum pop was all the rage. Mika had just burst onto the scene with his ‘Life In Cartoon Motion’ album, Scissor Sisters were back with ‘Ta-Dah!’, and ultimately, the charts were a more pop-friendly place. This kind of quirkiness isn’t appreciated anymore.

You can’t say The Hoosiers didn’t try though – they at least kept with the genre of the Now but, unfortunately, they’ve fallen foul to not being media attention seekers and have dropped out of the mainstream public’s consciousness.

Rating: 5.0 STARS

Download: May 28, 2011 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘The Illusion Of Safety’

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