Single Review: The Saturdays ft. Flo Rida – ‘Higher’

Do you remember when you were younger, and you waited all year long until your birthday until you finally got some money to spend on something you really wanted? Amongst all the new pairs of socks and boxes of chocolates you get, it’s the money you care about the most, because you know that now you can go and buy whatever you like? I’m not saying it’s something every child goes through – that would be silly, it’s not exactly a Rite of Passage – but most children do have such experience. Please do not feel neglected as a child if this experience is alien to you.

Well, even if you hadn’t, you all knew how it ended: with you spending your newly acquired funds on something completely materialistic that lasts about four weeks, that then got broken; got lost; or got boring.

The Saturdays have this problem, only it’s tenfold the problem of a little money spent unwisely. I think we can all unanimously say that ‘Higher’ is better than ‘Missing You’ in many ways more than just one, and releasing ‘Missing You’ was a bad idea as even though it peaked at #3 and sold well, it still managed to be virtually melodically flat and one of the girls’ biggest disappointments to date. They then released their album a week later, having being beaten to number #1 once again by Flo Rida and that also sold well, but it was clear from the off that the most popular track was ‘Higher’, a sassy, feisty electro-pop tune with one of the girls’ best choruses of their career.

However, in their – and their record label’s (for the blame must be spread evenly in this situation) – infinite wisdom, whilst the album version of ‘Higher’ was riding high in the charts over a month before the official release, they then go and release a video of the original version, with no appearance from Mr. Rida, giving the impression to most of the public that the single version would be just them. AND THEN they push the official release of the Flo Rida-assisted version back by three weeks, meaning they were losing massive ground on the original, which appeared to have already hit it’s peak well clear of the Top 10.

It’s fair to say, they have well and truly blown their chance of matching or bettering the lacklustre ‘Missing You’.

Thing is, they’ve got to persuade people that the Flo Rida-assisted version is worth downloading once more, if they’ve got the original version, or to make people download it in the first place, which may be even harder because ‘Higher (ft. Flo Rida)’ does appear to be yet another publicity stunt – teaming up with the artist who deprives them of #1 twice, so that people may give extra support.

On the song itself, it’s everything you’re pop single these days needs to be – super-catchy, about having a good time, empowering, and it has a massive sing-along appeal. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to sing along to “So when I speak, listen/This is my decision”? A scrooge, that’s who, and no-one likes a scrooge. Although something that isn’t so appealing is the overuse of auto-tune, more-so in the original than the single version (and I know all those who’ve heard the original know which part I’m talking about), but for girl’s who are such talented singers – particularly Vanessa, Una and Rochelle – it’s disheartening to see auto-tune used as if it’s some form of popular accessory.

Here’s the video of the Flo Rida-assisted version, listen up though, you might just miss his part at the beginning: it’s not that obvious.

Those must be the world’s most glamorous dashboard dolls ever; bobbing up and down like five nodding dogs, just for your pleasure.

I wouldn’t say Flo Rida has ‘ruined’ the album version, but he certainly has cheapened the feel of the track, even though the omitted section from the original featured a hideous overuse of auto-tune for Una, who nails it Live. I do like the song, and it’s nice to see The Saturdays back at the disposable cheery pop best, but they didn’t need the third support of a collaboration, let alone with Flo Rida, because even as it comes on the radio, you may enjoy it, but you know there’s a better version out there that’s not getting half the recognition.

Rating: 3.5 STARS

Download: November 1, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Headlines!’

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