Single Review: The Saturdays ‘I just can’t get enough’

So, Comic Relief is here again and this year The Saturdays have been chosen to sing the comic relief single.

I love the saturdays! ill start off by saying, the individual sounds each member has and the different voices are great. I love everything theyve brought out so far. Now, this comic relief business, a great idea, but whos decision was it to choose ‘I just cant get enough’, i mean the saturdays vocal repetoir far surpasses the track. Its dated. The reasons behind the choice were apparently because it’s recognisable and fun. That it maybe, but adding the missed out adjectives, ‘Annoying’ and ‘Predictable’ the description seems complete.

When i first listened i thought, ah wow theyve done somthing really good to the song. I mean its not all bad. Each band member is given an archetypal character in the video, dressed up in a silly costume and supporting the colourful look the band pulls off well, i thought ahh great fun for comic relief. Then. the song starts. The melody has been revamped with an electropop feel to it which was okay to start with, but got a bit samey, the word that sums up the song well really, it starts to get repititive after the 1 millionth ‘I just cant get enough’. But i mean, its for charity, so it will do well. But i think the saturdays could have been put to better use, they are selling them short with this single. The voices of Vanessa, Una, Rochelle, Mollie and Frankie are amazing. And im looking forward to their music- Post Comic Relief. I do hope it achieves number 1 for them though. Hard job to try and knock off the Clarkson though!!








  1. WelshSinger

    i love Una. shes the indie chick and guitarist of the group.

    Vanessa is the shorter, lead vocalist. in purple usually =)

    i did think watching the video perhaps it was veriging on YMCA lol. which it is kind of. the costumes hmmm, if the track was good, the costumes would be forgivable.

  2. Gerard McGarry

    Brilliant, Scott. I said virtually the same thing when I reviewed the song: I love the singles they’ve released to date, but Just Can’t Get Enough is drivel. Not good enough for the sound they’ve crafted for themselves.

    The only upside – I think – is that it’ll get them a wider audience and hopefully give them a higher profile as a result. The problem is…I don’t know who’s who in the group. Except for Una. Nice eyes.

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