Single Review: The Saturdays – ‘Missing You’

Sometimes in the music industry, not everything goes to plan. This could be interpolated into single sales, album sales, personal things to do with the certain popstar’s life etc, etc. And The Saturdays have unfortunately stumbled across such a problem. They’re running too fast thanks to their management; not giving the public a break; not giving themselves a break in terms of actually having a breakthrough song that defines their music career so far. And everyone who’s ever been eight years old trying to show off how far they can run will know how going too fast can end: you either slam into a wall or another solid object; or stumble, break an ankle and get hospitalised. Neither outcome is too desirable.

The problem I have with The Saturdays though, is a grudge that if anything they put out after ‘Ego’ wasn’t titled ‘One Shot’ (which appears on ‘Wordshaker’), I was going to hate it. That aside, I was willing to forgive them with the release of maybe the title track: ‘Wordshaker’, or even ‘Here Standing’, but no, they completely abandon the ‘Wordshaker’ album and move on to a Stop-Gap release in the vein of Lady G’s ‘The Fame Monster’ or Usher’s ‘Verses’. The mini-album, ‘Headlines!’ only features five new songs, one of which is a cover. So it’s a bit annoying to see that only two singles were lifted from ‘Wordshaker’, both of which appear on ‘Headlines!’. Hmm… Someone in the management department botched up big time.

‘Missing You’ is the lead single from the mini-album and as you know, ‘Missing You’ is not ‘One Shot’, nor does it have the instant catchiness or dominating nature of the song. I suppose I should hate it then? Well that wouldn’t be good journalism would it? So I’ll approach the song regardless of the fact it’s not as good as ‘One Shot’.

You see, up until now That Saturdays’ main issue is that they haven’t got that instantly recognisable hit, the define who they are, and establishes them as a huge rival to Girls Aloud. ‘Up’ came close; ‘Ego’ came closer, but their lead singles leave a lot to be desired – ‘If This Is Love’ and ‘Forever Is Over’ were lukewarm at best, and now, ‘Missing You’ has been chosen as the lead from the group’s third coming, it does beg the question: Why release a poor song instead of an instantly catchy one like ‘Up’, ‘Ego’ and ‘Headlines!’ album track ‘Higher’ (which is amazing)? Right now in their career, the five-piece need a song that’s going to stamp their names in the minds of everyone who hears their songs; a song that stamps their names in the tabloids for musical reasons, and most importantly: a song that stamps their name at #1.

When listening to ‘Missing You’, it’s easy to see we’re in rave ballad territory, but the song is lifeless, it doesn’t have the spark they need right now, nor does it have the makings of a great lead single, just like their last two albums, it look like the follow-up single is going to out-sell the lead single, because ‘Missing You’, as good a pop-song as it is, comes across as a third single. It only promotes half the album and leaves you wondering “is that it?”. Surely they could’ve comeback with something better than this?

‘Missing You’ needs to be massive, after the commercial failure of ‘Wordshaker’ and the lackadaisical efforts for promotion that surrounded it, plus the fact only two singles came from it, they need that massive, career-defining song now, to save their skins.

That was not massive.

After discussing this for a while, I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘Missing You’ is by no means a bad song, in fact it’s quite an enjoyable song, but a good lead single it is not. It doesn’t have the power or the staying factor ‘Up’ and ‘Ego’ shared; The Saturdays needed a song that would set them apart from the “Girls Aloud knock-off” they’ve been dubbed as, and they gave us this, a song that, without the breeze-blocks of their promotion and their profile, would just get caught up the whirlwind of mediocre songs released this year.

Hopefully, now The Saturdays have dumped their previous manager they can get everything – or at least, the single releases – to go to plan.

Rating: 3.0 STARS

Download: August 9, 2010

Featured Album: ‘Headlines!’

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    I miss all the mess that we made when we still had the passion to hate…

    I read a review where somebody took a pop at the lyrical value of the song. Sad thing is, I like that bit.

    You’re on the money though – the thing about The Saturdays is that their songs are generally enjoyable, but once the airplay dries up, do you ever find yourself thinking “Hey, I’m gonna go and listen to Up!” Or thinking, it’s been ages since I heard Tissues

    1. Dara Hickey

      No, I completely agree with that, Gerard, they are a sound bunch of girls with good/excellent voices, it’s just a shame their management have been a shambolic excuse for managers up till now.

      I they they are missing that signature hit, and otherwise ‘Missing You’ would be a great single, but to lead of an album that is either going to make or break the rest of their music career, is a very precarious move.

      P.S. I agree with you on that lyric – aside from all the typical pop lyrics nonsense “I miss missing you”, that line is a clear stand-out and thankfully gifted to Vanessa and Rochelle.



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