Single Review: The Script – ‘Nothing’

Well now, isn’t that an optimistic title? Yes, yes, I reckon this will be quite a cheerful song indeed.

Ermm, hello? This is The Script, people. A band that, up to now, have always supplied the charts with radio-friendly, catchy, Coldplay-lite styled songs, with big chorus hooks and a sing-along appeal, before most of the listeners even realise the typical The Script song is actually sad. In fact, every single that The Script have released has been a ballad, albeit very forgettable, catchy ones.

Notice how I phrased that earlier quote – “Up to now”, well I did it deliberately because, as nice and as catchy and as very The Script-sounding ‘Nothing’ is, it’s chorus isn’t quite up there with ‘The Man Who Can Be Moved’ et al; it sounds slightly unfinished. It’s much better than the Irish trio’s last offering ‘For The First Time’, but still you can’t help but notice that the song just doesn’t go where it needs to, it’s like it heads towards a very promising climax, but it appears to stop a few metres off and think “That’ll do” as Danny wails a very auto-tuned “‘Cause I’m still in love/But all I heard was nothing”.

There’s nothing wrong with it if you like this kind of song, oh no, don’t get me wrong: it’ll appeal to many, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, for me it’s similar to when I first climbed the Eiffel Tower. You know, that great feeling of accomplishment as you stand higher than anything in sight, practically on top of the world, and then you realise the one thing that’s missing from the view: the Eiffel Tower itself.

It’s disappointing in that way, because it doesn’t quite deliver that climax previous The Script singles have, but it clearly tries, and it’s then you begin to think that, with the boys giving it their all, and the songs still not providing the goods, has their creativity run dry? There’s one particular lyric that’s actually been recycled from their last hit ‘For The First Time’ – “I’m smiling but I’m dying”, or at least there are words to similar effect with a different syntax structure, which is disappointing to say the least.

It doesn’t help that at times, Danny sounds like he’s really straining to hit the right notes, so to compensate, he pronounces his lyrics oddly – “Am I behtte-arff dead/Am I behtte-arff a quitter?” (Yes, this does mean the lyrics are as depressing and self-degrading as the title suggests).

The video is actually shot in a high-street near Dun Laoghaire (read: Dunn Lee-uh-ree), in Dublin, where my extended family live.

It’s a lovely bridge (not the musical one).

Annoyingly, nothing (no pun intended) suggests that The Script are going to replicate the success of their first album, not necessarily because of this being a simple digital only release, but also because, basically, the tunes themselves lack the ingenuity and creativity that was piled onto the singles from their eponymous début album. ‘Nothing’ has the potential, much moreso than ‘For The First Time’, but as I said earlier, it doesn’t seem to have been completed to it’s full potential.

Rating: 3.0 STARS

Download: 22 November, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Science & Faith’

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