Single Review: The Sound of Arrows – ‘M.A.G.I.C.’

“A light summery affair with a killer chorus hook and an effervescent electropop production to boot”


Digital Release: July 17, 2011

Physical Release: N/A

Sometimes, in the lightning speed of the world we live in, our individual or shared arbitrary concepts of certain things can be altered with such overlooked seamlessness that the foundation upon which the fundamental understanding of said entity was built on can be lost under numerous variations of such, in something called diachronic variation, whereby something – a definite or indefinite article or term – can be described as having two entirely different definitions at various periods in time. Words are the most obviously affected entity (words like “cool”, “gay” and “sick” being prime examples of this colloquialism) but concepts as expansive as music genres can also be subjected to this variation of meaning, genres such as electropop, and what it means to be an electropop artist.

In recent times, and with the sudden surge of popularity of the trusty synthesiser and drum machine, many artists dealing in any kind of electronic sound are often labelled as electropop artists, but as with any genre, there is a specific art and skill pertaining to proper electropop. Those that think David Guetta, RedOne and Lady GaGa are the real deal are being ashamedly ignorant of electropop’s true birth back in the 80’s, as the child of synthpop. But over time, as with many other genres such as R&B and rock, the true sounds and signatures that personify such musical fields are often mixed and blurred, viewed through a dirty lens and often left unfocused. The Sound Of Arrows are a Swedish duo who produce real, clear-cut electropop, and with soaring melodies, hooks a-plenty and a delightfully catchy chorus chant, their new single ‘M.A.G.I.C.’ is the perfect example of proper electropop at it’s finest.

Birthed from a vision of epic fantasy, ‘M.A.G.I.C.’ discusses a world where anything is possible, but thankfully, the stench of European pop cheese is kept happily at bay even in the wake of a children’s choir featuring in the chorus. “The V-O-R-L-D is full of M-A-G-I-C” (keeping in mind the German ‘W’ in pronounced as a ‘V’), they sing gleefully, and even though Stefan stops singing after the second verse – and sparsely makes appearances at other times during the song, the combination of experimentalism and the un-tampered form of electropop prove to make ‘M.A.G.I.C.’ a light summery affair with a killer chorus hook and an effervescent electropop production to boot.

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