Single Review: The WANTED – ‘Lose My Mind’

The third single from any album is usually a very crucial decision, probably more crucial than the lead single and most definitely moreso than the second. The lead single of an album is generally meant to promote the album, and the second is meant to either show another side or continue the theme and standard set in the first one, but with the third, well, it can go two ways:

The first is that the third single throw up a third dimension to the artists music; a little more depth if you like. A good example would be Lady GaGa’s ‘Paparazzi’, which was far darker and showed nay-sayers that there was more than one depth to GaGa. The result of such a successful third single is that even more copies of the corresponding album are shifted.

Ther other way things could go is what happened to Eliza Doolittle. Eliza released the semi-successful ‘Skinny Genes’, then released the very successful ‘Pack Up’ and then chose to release her eponymous début album. It faired very well, charting at #3 and being certified Silver by the British Phonographic Industry, but upon the release of the third single, the harmless pop ditty of ‘Rollerblades’, the album barely managed a climb of five places (from #49 to #44) and the single was left stranded at #58 on the UK Single Chart.

There are many confounding factors that could’ve caused that disappointing turn of events for Eliza, but we can assume that the reason she underperformed was due to the single not being up to standard of the mighty ‘Pack Up’. And now, with her opting to re-release ‘Skinny Genes’, she’s pretty much waving a flag above her album that reads: “I have no good songs left on this album”.

And now, The Wanted are already onto their third single. My God time has flown hasn’t it? I was one of the ones that knew of The Wanted when they were promoting ‘All Time Low’ for months prior to release, and it seems that after the #1 success of their lead single, the #2 success of the follow-up single, and the #4 success of their début album, it all rests in the balance of ‘Lose My Mind’ to serve up the goods and promote another side to the album and the boys themselves.

You could argue they’ve already done that though – ‘All Time Low’ was in fact a very good lead single and not something you couldn’t really throw the label ‘generic’ at; the equivalent of Girls Aloud’s ‘Biology’, then.

Anyway, moving onto ‘Lose My Mind’ itself, and the song opens with a hint that the song with be a mash-up of pop, electropop and a smidge of dance in the vein of their first single rather than their lacklustre second single, ‘Heart Vacancy’. The buzzing accompanied with some “Ohh”s courtesy of Kings Of Leon is then joined by Tom’s voice, which then erupts into a chiming piano riff before Max takes over and lead into the chorus, a seemingly haphazard conglomeration of buzzing synths, futuristic bleeps and a heavy drum machine, all topped off with some edited vocals. The best part comes when they sing the title – the “I’m gunna loo-ooo-ooose my mind” section that tail-ends the chorus.

Nathan plays a big part in this one too, which is pleasant to hear as his vocals take on the heavily emotive middle eight – “And I’d rather be crazy/I’d rather go insane/Than having you hear my every thought/Than having you here inside my heart”.

Moving on to the video, and the key theme for today’s video, ladies and gentlemen, is ‘Awkward’. Observe, as the five most wanted boys on the UK demonstrate awkwardness to it’s full potential: Siva walks awkwardly with a bike, Tom walks awkwardly with a guitar, Max walks awkwardly in a vest (bit chilly for that kind o’ dress i’n’t it?), Jay walks with his hands awkwardly shoved deep in his pockets, and Nathan awkwardly pretends to glance into the distance, ignoring Siva’s entire presence. AWK-WARD.

Well done lads. A sterling effort.

It’s not as good as ‘All Time Low’, but then again, few things are. But it is a promising third single that should perform well in the UK Singles Chart as well as promote the album a bit more. The lyrics, whilst not as wholly convincing as past efforts/other efforts still remaining on the album, succeed at not being as generic or predictable as your average Justin Bieber single and the whilst the production during the chorus may be all over the place, it’s a solid pop effort that pole volts over the slip-up of their last single.

Rating: 4.0 STARS

Download: December 27, 2010

Featured Album: ‘The WANTED’

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