Single Review: Tinchy Stryder ft. Jodie Connor – ‘In My System’

Sometimes in music, the singer likes to add some overly emotive few words, maybe at the end of a phrase to add a certain feel or just to emphasise an emotion that already being felt; the majority of the time it’s for comedy, like in Alesha Dixon’s ‘The Boy Does Nothing’. Of course, there are times when this ‘sprechgesang’ as it’s actually known (German derivative; meaning of ‘speak-sung’) , is completely uncalled for, and tends to lean towards being about as comedic as your 6am alarm clock going off on a Sunday morning because you forgot to turn it off: highly annoying.

Tinchy Stryder is not Alesha Dixon, strange as it may seem. Tinchy Stryder is your alarm clock on that hazy, hung-over Sunday morning where you’d rather shoot your alarm clock than listen to it chime away, drilling it’s ear-splitting wake-up call into your aching skull.

The problem I have with Tinchy Stryder, is the he raps like an asthmatic; he sounds a bit like he’s shocked when he raps, and it often makes him sounds like a double-time Bob Dylan from da hood. “How did you grab my soul like that?”, whilst being a question, and obviously he’d want to make it sound like he’s confused, there’s no need to make himself sound like he’s just finished a hearty bowl of ash.

The resulting lyric doesn’t even sound like what it supposed to be: “How did you grab my soul like that?” sounds like Tinchy is looking for tips from your seamstress grandmother, because with the way he raps it, he could be misinterpreted as saying “How did your grandma sew like that?”. Hmm… well… it’s embroidery, actually.

That aside, I always found the one reeeming quality about Tinchy and the singles from his debut album ‘Catch 22′, was his ability to pen a very good chorus for the likes of the Sugababes’ Amelle or N-Dubz’s Dappy. But unfortunately for him, and more-so Jodie Connor, the brilliant pop chorus the should be present has decided to wave goodbye for this song, which actually features one of the blandest chorus of the year so far. It’s about as exciting as graveyard moss.

It may have some racy synths, some icy swishes and a grime-y bassline backing Jodie ‘When are we actually going to get some solo material’ Connor’s apparent ‘Do I have to?’ vocals but, this song doesn’t even give the impression something big and anthemic is going to arrive on cue for the chorus.

The song relies too much on the profile of the artists: Tinchy was apparently the most amazing thing to happen to grime since Dizzee Rascal (hoo-flipping-ray) and Jodie can be ‘that girl that did Roll Deep’s song’, but anyone with a brain stem would know that you can’t just serve up the goods in the menu – the dish has to be just as good.

The really annoying thing, as mentioned before, is it’s comparatively lacklustre chorus, which features a lackadaisical vocal performance from go-to girl Jodie Connor who makes ‘You’ve Be Framed’ feel like ‘Waiting For Godot’ because she sounds like she’s trying to do a bad impression of a someone with a blocked nose… or maybe she actually had the blocked nose? “In ma systuhm/In my sythtuhhhmmm! just doesn’t cut the mustard.

And it seems Tinchy’s ditched to studio-shot video in front of big walls of light-bulbs or just plain white backing, and he’s gone for a real-life video, shot from somewhere that’s only going to make us Brits more jealous of wherever he is.

I don’t know about you, but I found myself looking at the views rather than Tinchy or Jodie.

So, even if ‘the next prince of grime’ looked set to conquer all with his début, the lead single from his new album sees him looking – and sounding – like he’s run out of ideas. Real music snobs won’t like this song, but expect it to be played pointlessly loud from a chav’s phone at the back of the bus, which will only be heightened by the fact it’ll be a tinny, treble-y fizz, rather than an audible song.

Rating: 2.0 STARS

Download: August 9, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Third Strike’

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