Single Reviews Round-Up: 28 August 2009

A little bit later than expected, I’m here with the second round-up of singles being released this week. That’s 28 August 2009 for Ireland and 31 August 2009 for the UK. So might as well start now…

Asher Roth featuring Keri Hilson: ‘She Don’t Wanna Man’

 I do like Asher Roth. Sure his cheeky and often vulgar rapping isn’t for everyone but at least he’s a bit more inventive than your average rapper who sings about “shawties shaking their ass in the club all day while I throw money at them”. Sadly enough for the guy, his previous two singles haven’t really hit the mainstream radar. This might change now that he’s collaborated with the gorgeous Keri Hilson to bring this clubby number. Thankfully, this tune has a more old school feel, something I really appreciate at the moment. I mean I’m really getting tired of Europop samples and R&B singers singing over booming house beats. Auto-Tune does manage to coat Hilson’s vocals on the song alright but it doesn’t spoil the song. This is a song that deserves some recognition. 4/5

Billy Talent: ‘Devil On My Shoulder’

 Billy Talent have the potential to be as big as Green Day. Sure they’re a Canadian screamo punk rock band but with their fast paced guitar riffs, catchy choruses and lead singer Ben Kowalewicz  powerhouse vocals. Sadly with their fourth album (third album with them titled under the name Billy Talent), the Canadian four-piece have failed to deliver. Rusted From The Rain was pretty good but nowhere near as good as previous singles Fallen Leaves and Surrender. Devil On My Shoulder is typical Billy Talent, epic choruses, emo style lyrics, backing vocals that repeat what was said in the chorus in a shouty fasion and big pounding guitar riffs. I can say that as a fan of Billy Talent, I am disappointed with this song. Can other Billy Talent fans say the same? 2/5

Birdman featuring Jay Sean: ‘Written On Her’

 I’m not even gonna waste my energy writing too much about this song. Let’s just say this is very current. It’s a club banger. It has a guy rapping in a brash manner on the verses and a vocalist singing about sexy ladies on the chorus. Expect lots of Auto-Tune and synths. This will go down a storm in nightclubs and will probably sell very well. It’s all very sexy and British singer Jay Sean will probably do very well in America. But there are about a thousand songs like this out right now and to be honest I’m sick of it. But it is good to dance to. 2/5

More reviews to come soon…

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