Siobhan Magnus screams her way out of American Idol

Readers of this blog will know that right now I’m rejoicing because American Idol has been cleansed of the highly overrated [[Siobhan Magnus]]. Yes, the glass-blowing chanteuse has finally been voted off, despite some bewilderingly good comments from the judges the previous night.

However, despite my glee at Siobhan’s elimination, there was a shock: two of my frontrunners [[Casey James]] and [[Michael Lynche]] were sitting on the stools reserved for the bottom three. That’s not right. Let’s recap – were they the worst of Shania week?

Top 3 Finalists?

OK, so with Magnus packing her bags for Idontcareville, Casey and Big Mike in the bottom three, we have an idea of who was on top this week. And this week’s top three are:

  • [[Crystal Bowersox]]
  • [[Lee DeWyze]]
  • [[Aaron Kelly]]

The big surprise for me is Aaron Kelly. DeWyze has been getting better and better each week. Aaron was good this week, but then, as Randy says country music is Aaron’s thing.

Oddly, despite the judges’ assertion that 2010 would be a season of strong female vocalists, only Crystal Bowersox remains standing. Granted, she’s way out in front. Even a weak performance this week didn’t land her in the bottom three.

Siobhan’s final song

Somehow the audience seemed stunned when Siobhan Magnus got voted off and Casey was saved. Ryan Seacrest praised her “independent spirit, laser focus, incredible work ethic”.

Michael Slezak of EW gave praise to Siobhan’s sing-off version of Think:

And Siobhan, inconsistent and bewildering as she sometimes was, at least left the stage with a bang. Her exit performance of “Think,” combined with early season home runs on “House of the Rising Sun” and “Paint It Black,” give her an Idol legacy of which she can be proud.

The judges unusually gave Siobhan some touching praise before the show ended, with Randy Jackson telling her “Keep being yourself. You learned how to be an artist on this show and face the adversity and everything. I think that you got an amazing career in front of you.”

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  1. WelshSinger

    she peaked too early. and she weirded me out. although good vocally.. sometimes she just annoyed me. Aaron Kelly shouldve gone though.. but out of the bottom 3.. definitely the right decision.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I’ve been frustrated for so many weeks with Siobhan. She has all the look of a free spirit, a real unique personality among the finalists.

      The thing is, she got told weeks ago when she did Think that the scream was great, and she repeated it virtually every week since. That doesn’t strike me as an artist with creativity and imagination. It strikes me as someone who found a gimmick and stuck to it. She used the “big scream” as a crutch.

      And can you imagine how repetitive a Siobhan Magnus concert would be? Verse chorus verse chorus big scream and then ending. Every single song. It might work in the context of American Idol where there are other singers to cover that, but in the real world, it came across as quite pathetic. I lost a lot of respect for Siobhan when I realised that.

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