Skins- A disappointing start? (Spoilers)

Skins are back for series 6 with the gang we learnt to love in series 5. The first episode, which has been available since last Monday on 40D, will be shown this week. Will this series be any good?

The fifth series of Skins introduced us to a crazy bunch of new characters. We had popular blonde Mini who was in love with her boyfriend Nick and was the ‘queen of the girls’. As the series progressed, she became more down to earth and fell out with her friends when she found out Liv was sleeping with her boyfriend. We had her best friend Grace who seemed a little away with the fairies but a sweet lovable girl. She fell in love with Rich and they were even going to get married in the last episode but she decided it weren’t right. We also had wild Liv who wanted to try something new and loved sleeping with guys. Franky was the main girl who was the outsider who the girls picked on and was very unique. She soon made friends and grew to like Nicks brother Matty, who we didn’t know much about but who was focused on during the Liv episode. We also had Rich and Alo who were best friends and outside the group. When Rich began seeing Grace they became more part of the group and were interesting characters. Overall the series got better as it went along and the characters were very complex indeed.

The first episode of series 6 began with the group hanging out in Morocco on holiday. We see Franky and Matty arrive after being on holiday together but we soon find out that Franky is bored with their new relationship. Grace and Rich are still very much together and their relationship is sweet to watch. During the episode, we see Mini offer Alo the chance to sleep with her, which is a surprising move, as they never had any chemistry in the first episode. However we soon find out that she likes him too and they sleep together again later in the episode. As the group go find a party to crash, they stumble across an English party, which is hosted by rich lad Luke. They have a good time and there is an instant attraction between Luke and Franky. We don’t see what happens but we can see that she likes the guy. The next day the rich guys come to the villa to collect their drugs and invite them out later to a party. They all go to the party but it becomes clear when Liv goes off with a Moroccan guy that Luke and the gang are drug dealers. Luke meanwhile offers Franky the chance to go off with him and have some fun. She accepts and Liv runs to tell Matty but in the meantime another member of Luke gang tells Matty that they have planted loads of drugs on the bottom of his car and if he doesn’t deliver them he won’t see his girl again. He jumps in the car with Grace and Liv and they chase Franky and Luke. As the speed increases, Matty loses control and the car crashes badly. We see that Matty is fine and Liv is awake but Grace is seriously hurt. The next thing we know the gang are back in school and everyone is very upset as the head teacher explains Grace’s family don’t want them to visit. We learn that Matty is missing and Franky looks very guilty. At the end of the episode, Rich visits Grace and gives the nurse a CD to play to her. We see that she is lying unconscious in bed.

This episode was just very out there and lots of things didn’t really add up. It was strange for a start that the group had gone to Morocco for a holiday. The episode made me dislike Franky as she come across quite arrogant and selfish, which wasn’t her in the first series. It also seemed completely bizarre that Mini would sleep with Alo. The car chase came out of nowhere too and it was very surreal when they crashed and poor Grace was hurt. The episode did have some good points but I did think that it was very bizarre.

It will be interesting to see how they develop the story with Grace in her coma and how Rich will cope with that. Also it will be interesting to see how Matty will be able to come back into the story after being wanted for thousands of drugs underneath his car by the police. I hope they don’t change Franky too much as she did seem to be in love with Matty so it seems weird now that she was speaking for the group and flirting with guys.



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