Skins- Amazing Second Episode!

So after a fairly complex start, Skins was back with a second episode which stunned us all. The episode focused on Rich and was an episode full of emotion and a very surprising end. Is Skins back to it’s best?

The first episode focused on the gang on holiday with Rich, Alo, Mini, Nick, Matty, Frankie, Liv and Grace being reintroduced to the viewers. We learnt that Matty and Frankie had spent the summer together but were now rowing after Frankie was finding it hard to be ‘committed’. We also saw that Rich and Grace were still very much together and Liv and Mini were single as well as Alo and Nick. We saw a relationship of sort form between Mini and Alo as she agreed to sleep with him as long as he kept it quiet. At the end of the episode, we learn that the party they went to in Morrocco was full of drug dealers who have planted drugs on Matty’s car. As the main guy rushes off with Frankie, Matty chases them down with Grace and Liv in tow. The ending sees a huge smash which leaves Grace in a coma and Matty running away.

This new episode was focused on the quiet but lovable Rich as he comes to term with the fact Grace is in the coma. We see him trying to get into the hospital but unable to but he gets a call from Grace saying she wants to see him. After a funny entry through the roof, he sees Grace and they kiss but he is dragged away by security with his trousers down his ankles. Unable to see Grace and after recieving a call saying she is going to Switzerland, Rich mopes around and breaks in to Mr Blood’s home. These are very strong scenes with him watching videos of Grace when she was little and it is very sweet. Alo finds him there and bursts in trying to liven up Rich and wanting to organise a party. After he mopes upstairs to Grace’s room, Alo calls Mini over where Rich finds them in bed together. He is fuming and I think it’s quite inappropriate, especially of Mini who is one of Grace’s friends. It did seem a bit out of character. Rich hits Alo who then hits him back and Rich smashes his phone.

Alo arranges a party and Rich performs with the band on stage after telling the friends that Grace has woken up. Whilst he’s performing he sees Grace smiling at the back. He jumps off the stage and goes up to the bedroom where Grace is lying in bed completley naked. As a viewer you start to realise something’s not right as Grace has no bruises and tells Rich there’s nothing to worry about anymore. This is a lovely scene as the couple go to bed together and it’s all very emoitonal.  The next morning Rich wakes up and finds Grace is no longer there. I think the viewer is guessing now that something is wrong as how did Grace fly back so quickly as well as being able to make love to Rich. He goes outside and finds his phone is ringing. He answers it and Grace apoligises for going. She says she can’t come back but she tells him she loves him. When she hangs up and he looks at his phone it’s broke and viewers have a good idea that Grace might be dead. This scene is very eery and I found it very emotional, especially with Grace who is a loved character When he walks round he discovers Mr Blood is back he joins him and finds out Grace died the last afternoon. We also find out that she never woke up from her coma which questions if Rich ever saw Grace. It kind of leaves it open whether Grace perhaps did come back as a Ghost to visit Rich or whether or not he was imagining the whole thing. The last scene is incredibly sad as the dad and boyfriend realise what they have lost.

I have to say I thought it was an incredible episode with brilliant acting and was very tense and kept you guessing all the way through. I don’t think they should of killed off Grace as she was a lovely character and had a very real relationship with Rich. But i think the writers knew that this would have a bigger impact than killing off Mini or Liv. I still think it’s a mistake but it will be interesting to see how characters such as Rich will deal with her death. In the trailer Grace is seen on a swing so I’m guessing she may appear as a ghost to the gang again.
So after this shocking episode, I hope Skins keep it up as it was a brilliant episode and the memorial next week should just be as good.

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