Skins- Has it lost it’s spark?

The fifth series of Skins scored a rating of 511,000 Thursday night which is one of the lowest yet. Are the new characters not clicking with the audience and has the series lost it’s spark?

It’s always a challenge introducing a whole new group of characters to an audience who fall in love with the group of teenagers every year. The first and second series of Skins was incredibly popular with loved characters including Cassie and Sid. Audiences hadn’t seen anything like Skins before and loved how open and honest the series was. The characters were easy to emphasise with and there was a huge range of comedy and emotional drama. Dev Patel and Nicholas Hoult are just a couple of the actors who have gone on to great things since the series ended and are even hoping to appear in the cinema version.  The third and fourth series, which hosted characters such as Iffy and Freddie, was also quite popular, until they killed off Freddie in a explicit showdown.

This fifth series promised to be a bit lighter and have more comedy. When new characters were shown in the first episode, they did seem to not have as much oomph as other years. The first episode followed young Franky as she moved to the college and was soon being taunted by Mini and friends Grace and Liv. Mini is a character, which is hard to like, and I think the public will struggle to connect with her. Although her episode showed her in a different light, I don’t think she is a character, which many people could relate to. We also had Alo’s episode, which was quite odd including a scene where he loses his hearing to loud music. I don’t think this portrayed people who enjoy alternative music in a positive way and was very stereotypical. Alo’s best mate friend Rich seems like an interesting character and his episode will be good as he brings a bit of comedy to the show. Also Grace is a lovable character and it will be also interesting to see her episode.

This Thursday it was Liv’s turn and what a whirlwind the episode was. After seeing last week that she had slept with Mini’s boyfriend Nick, it was good to learn more about her character. Nick is also a character who is incredibly hard to like as he treats women like dirt. When everyone turns up at Liv’s place, she can’t deal with the secrets and leaves. We find out that her sister is in prison and although this was an interesting development they don’t really build on this and I hope they do this in the next series. Liv meets mysterious Matty and they go off on journey, which involves drugs, sex and stealing. The episode is very odd and it’s hard to understand why Liv would go off with someone who she just meets at the train station. This series definitely is not as good as others so far, hopefully the series will improve with the other characters episodes where we get to know them better. This series does feel like the characters involved are harder to relate to, however I’m hooked already.

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