Smallville – S08E14 – Requiem, episode review

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Oliver Queen is about to announce a hostile takeover of Luthorcorp when a bomb explodes in the office, killing the entire board of directors and hospitalizing Queen. Chloe races round to the Kent farm to interrupt Clarke and Lana’s super-powered sex session with the news.

Naturally, they visit Queen in hospital, but he’s clearly not giving them the whole story. Clarke and Lana discover the bombs were laced with Kryptonite. Meanwhile, Queen calls in Chloe to do some investigation on a former employee of his who was a bomb expert. He reveals that he suspects the man is now working for Lex. And he is! We get a little glimpse of Lex attached to a load of tubes and wearing a Hannibal Lecter mask.

Of course, being Chloe, this remains a secret from Clarke for oh…about 14 seconds. But it does highlight a distinction between Clarke’s moral high-ground and Queen’s do-what-needs-to-be-done attitude. And despite an early love of Superman, I find myself siding with Queen on this one. Lex should’ve been put down years ago.

And when the bomb-maker, Winslow Schott, appears at Queen’s hospital bed with a booby trapped monkey toy, Queen goes to work on him. He gets the confirmation that Luthor is still alive and out to get Clarke. He ties up Schott and escapes to find Luthor.

Meanwhile, Clarke and Lana have discovered Lex’s Machiavelian plan: a bomb on the roof of the Daily Planet that will explode if Lana doesn’t absorb the Kryptonite. But by doing so, Clarke will never be able to go near her again. Naturally, Lana does the right thing, but afterward Clarke goes after Lex to get his revenge. Lana stops him, but an explosion tears apart the truck Lex is in. Yep, it was Ollie Queen, taking out the trash on behalf of Clarke who strangely believed that Luthor would eventually redeem himself.

The whole episode was an interesting look at ideas of crime and punishment. I wonder how many people, having watched 8 series’ of [[Smallville (TV Series)|Smallville]] thought that Clarke should have abandoned his impossibly high morals and killed Luthor before now? When you consider how many people die at the hands of Lex and his various accomplices, one death would save a lot of lives in Smallville.

For me, I sided with Queen. The Robo-Lex needed to be killed, despite some of the best acting of Michael Rosenbaum’s career!

And did anyone else fall asleep during Lana’s romantic cliche-a-thon, where she spouted so many “made our choices” “do what we have to do” and “we’ll always be together in our hearts”. Interestingly, the most touching and poignant moment was when Clarke forced himself towards Lana, despite the debilitating effect of the Kryptonite. No dialogue, just a simple action. I said a silent prayer that the excruciatingly angsty relationship between Clarke and Lana was over for good.

After Lana’s Mills & Boon speech. I was hoping Lois would walk into the room and go “Never mind, Smallville, come and have a play with these puppies…” Would’ve ended that episode on just the right note, eh?

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