Snog Marry or Avoid – The TV Show To Avoid

Until this week I had no problem with this show. While I think it does try to destroy individualty, some of the girls so far have needed a reality check. Now this week has annoyed me.

Lara, pretty girl, 27 and phycologist. She was beautiful before: an individual rock barbie. And I have no issue with saying I thought she was sexy.

POD, the personal overhall device and her idiotic boyfriend, had other things to say. First if any bloke I was going out with said I was annoying, they would be immediatly dumped. POD, yes it’s a computer, but is voiced by a women who has no sense of individuality.

After removing her alternative clothes, odd hair and make up, she was left as a boring, run of the mill. Why? Because people can not handle individuality.

To add to this, you have Paige, a beautiful 17 year old girl who looks amazing both in her outfits for her dances, and her night outs. I don’t see anything extreme about it. POD is rude to her, and takes away the beauty she has.

Don’t believe me? Watch the show.


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  1. Robin

    I’ve seen a lot of episodes of this, not recently though, and I can agree about thinking some people were better off before they went in.But after all they knew what they were signing up for – and they seem to think it’s an improvement anyway!

    I gotta say though, I think when they go out to ask people what they think of the person (with a pic).. I think they edit it to make it look worse than it is!

    Gotta give theshow credit though, it’s given me something a little interesting during nights where I don’t get much sleep!!

  2. Rosie Christie

    Haha I agree with DrBob, very entertaining programme.  And they did choose to do it!  Also I think they all look amazing after their make-unders!  I’m all for individuality and I don’t think the programme takes away from that.  You have to admit that psychologist did look just a bit silly, no? Not in the video part but when she arrived for her make-under.  I’m pretty sure they tell them to double the about of make-up they put on and wear their worst possible outfit just to add drama.

    And as much as she wants to be “the first psychologist” to look like that, she’s clearly never going to get a job dressing the way she does day-to-day.

    Great post though.  Certainly got me talking!

  3. Lisa

    I didn’t see the show but I did see a clip of Paige the dancer. I thought she looked fine in real life but to be fair her dancing costumes were a bit extreme!! She looked far to made up and her eye makeup was pretty hideous.

    Great post by the way, you’ve had me searching youtube for clips LOL!

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