So You Think You Can Dance 2011 – Week 1 review

So You Think You Can Dance has returned to Saturday night prime-time on BBC One. If your a fan of dance shows, this is one of the better ones.

Matt Flint

First up is tap artist Matt from Scarborough with a quite energetic and acrobatic and overall thrilling performance, which the judges seem to revel at, with Arlene commenting on the “feast” of Tap.

Matt receives a golden ticket from Arlene , sending him straight through to the Boot Camp.

Shanelle & Cordell

This mother and daughter combo, with 21 year old Shanelle and 45 year old mother Cordell, who looks ghastly in her carnival style outfit. Shanelle isn’t bad but her mother seems like she should be at a pensioners disco. Shanelle is full of energy and charisma, but is really getting limited to what she can do by her mother.

Nigel: (to Cordell) you’ve got a very beautiful daughter, but were do you get all this energy from?

Arlene: The moment that music turns on your living, breathing and you bring life into your dance, How would you feel Cornell if your daughter went on but mum didn’t?

All judges say yes to shanelle for call-backs, but no to Mum Cordell, who seems to take the decision quite well.

Katie Love

Now we have contemporary dancer Katie, who expresses her love for Arlene and her “old school” dance.

Starts of quite slow and repetitive, but gets slightly more into the dance further on. Quite graceful and slow routine, with some aerobic yoga type dance moves, which the judges seem to like, with Sisco commenting on how she captured the judges from beginning to end.

Tomasz Wisniewski

Polish dancer Tomasz is up next, who reveals that he is not proffesionally trained and applied to be a presenter for SYTYCD, which is his dream.

Tomasz’s dance is entertaining, fun and ridiculous, full of entertainment value, but not exactly what the show is looking for he. The judges seem to think he was fun and ridiculous, but made them smile. Even with the entertainment, Tomasz does not get a call back from the judges.

Kirsty Swain

Now we have partially deaf Kirsty, who comes with a sob-story, boo-hoo, she is lip-reading what the judges are saying to her. Nigel seems to like the sob-story and tells her not to let it stop her.

Starts of brilliantly and very fun, Acrobatic and loved by the audience. She seems to enjoy what she does, but the faces that she pulled during her performance has put the judges off slightly.

Nigel: Felt a little old-fashioned to me, It’s a bit “ooh-ahh” with your face, so calm that down a bit

Arlene: I don’t feel that you had enough technique or shape, you seem out of shape so what have you been doing? (Not falling for the sob-story then)

Sisco: The Choreography didn’t do you justice, but i want to see more of you

Louise and Sisco say yes to a call-back, whereas Arlene and Nigel say no, Kirsty scrapes her way through by the skin of her teeth.

Paige Smith

18 year old contempory dance student Paige tells us of how she has been rattled with nerves and couldn’t sleep before the audition.

Another acrobatic contemporary performance, Paige wows the panel, mainly Nigel, with her 18 year-old body. Louise tells her how beautiful she is to watch, Sisco thinks she has some childish Choreography,whereas Arlene sees her as a “true dancer with  great potential. Sisco and Arlene argue about the childish choreography, Sisco dis-liking it and Arlene loving it. Nigel sees how Paige is shy, until she starts dancing. She gets a Unanimous Yes for call-backs


Paige Smith is back with her call-back routine to try to win a golden ticket through to Boot Camp. Performing to Taio Cruz’s Dynamite with a ball-room/contemporary routine. She tells of how it was hard as she has never done Ballroom before, Nigel awards her a golden ticket through to bootcamp.

Shanelle, without Cordell, seems lost in this different type of fast paced dance, and she knows she has completely lost track of her performance. No surprise when she is told to “keep on trying but we are not sending you through.”

After we find out that everyone else who received call-backs received a golden ticket, we see Shanelle’s mum Cordell begging Nigel backstage to let her daughter have another chance, Nigel refuses and seems shocked that Cordell would even ask this.

Paulo Debernardi

Can one episode of a dance show ever go through without a Michael Jackson fanatic? Well not this time with terrible Italian poet Paulo. Paulo begins with a poem for Arlene, who goes up on stage to listen to it. We can clearly see Arlene’s fake smile, and the judges fake admiring of the poem.

Paulo dances like a headless chicken in a boxing match with the air, his dance is a complete train-wreck which has Nigel Lythgoe with his head in his hands. Nigel bluntly tells him that he is on a long journey, back to Italy, as he has not made it through.

Charlotte Scalley

Bubbly bartender Charlotte, tells of how an old man asked for her number, then revealed that he was only 40! Nigel doesn’t seem to like the fact that she considers 40 old. Bubbly Charlotte begins very very energetically, and has the judges open-mouthed. She enjoys her performance, as do the judges and the audience.

Nigel: I wasn’t expecting half the things you threw in there.

Louise: You demonstrated there that you can lose it when you want to

Sisco: Your really solid, You’ve got so much potential, i love your personality.

A yes from Arlene, and exited yes from Louise and a very excited yes from Sisco. Charlotte makes it through to call-backs.

Rithy Pereira

Brazilian Hip-Hop dancer Rithy, who especially wants to impress Sisco, is described by host Cat Deely as “a Tomboy who knows they are one.” She begins here routine with some body-poppin’ and moves on to some more eye-catching moves, although we do see how Nigel has no clue about hip-hop whatsoever

Nigel: Your loose, have the right attitude, the swag, you hit really hard. Your very very good indeed

Arlene: You owned in, you had the audience join in and i want to see some more of you

Sisco: Your swag is ridiculous, I’m glad your here, i don’t want to see you in the call-back i want to see you choreography, I’m giving you a golden ticket!

Andres & Hannah

Colombians couple Andres & Hannah on now. Nigel asks Andreas has he ever dropped her and he says yes, not a good start. The tall & small couple show of their south-american moves fast paced moves with a brilliantly performed salsa, with some fairly dodgy lifts, although fellow Columbian Sisco is still enthralled. Louise can’t believe how fast they were but wasn’t to pleased with the dodgy lifts. Arlene thinks Andres is much better than Hannah, and Nigel doesn’t really think they have a relationship.

Sisco, Louise, Arlene and Nigel all say yes to Andres but no to Hannah, Andres consults partner Hannah who lets him go through to call-backs by himself. Hannah is seen next in tears in the corridor with Andres consoling her.

Call-backs Number 2

The bubbly barmaid Charlotte is first, the judges are hoping for her to have toned down the cheesiness of her first performance. Charlotte seems right at home with this type of dance, Louise tells of how their views have changed since the first auditions and award her a golden ticket

Andres is back with a new partner, and isn’t missing Hannah, but still isn’t the best performer we’ve seen. Arlene tells him that disappointingly, it’s a No.

We then see a fair bunch of golden tickets awarded to the remaining contestants that got a call-back.

Personally I found tonight’s episode having a mixed bag of dancers, some good, some bad, some entertaining and some downright terrible. So what do you guys think? Any particular people you liked or dis-liked? Anyone you think did or didn’t deserve to get through to Boot-camp? Or any views at all on the show.


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