So You Think You Can Dance – Not quite liveblogged

Welcome to tonight’s not-quite-liveblog for So You Think You Can Dance. What? I had a Doctor Who post to write!

Tonight’s show kicks off with a royal wedding themed group dance to a rousing version of River Deep Mountain High. Funny thing is, the whole performance has a whole 60’s vibe to it that’s curiously outdated and reminds me a little of Austin Powers in places.

Oh. It suddenly comes back to me – Cat was the official commentator for the Royal Wedding. Can’t remember what channel though. We watched ITV’s coverage.

Charlotte and Matt

Matt Flint and Charlotte Scally draw the Jazz card for their dance tonight. But inexplicably end up dancing to Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Relax. Mandy Moore is the choreographer, and the focal point is the cane which the couple are supposed to ‘fight’ over as part of their routine.

Initially, I’m unable to tear my eyes off Charlotte’s legs in those skintight trousers, but the couple deliver an impressive routine with a number of wow moments. Matt looks dashing in his suit, and almost steals the routine with his dominant part in the routine. Nigel Lythgoe calls Matt one of the best boys in the competition, and points out that Charlotte was actually hospitalised with a head injury from rehearsals!

Louise Redknapp raves about their charisma, while Sisco Gomez called the routine “absolute perfection”. Great routine – they should both be safe tonight.

Katie and Lee C

Next up is Katie Love and Lee Crowley. This couple drew the contemporary dance card, which suited Katie perfectly. Not sure about Lee’s strengths in this though.

They’re dancing to Alicia Keys, playing the parts of a couple fighting on a bed. Through dance, naturally. It’s sensational in parts – Lee’s acrobatics are stunning to watch as he dives and tumbles all over the place. Katie – not so much. Again, the male dancer seemed to dominate proceedings.

Louise Redknapp compliments Lee for ‘sizzling’ and says the pair were a perfect partnership. Arlene disagrees with Louise (and me) – she thinks Katie was stronger and Lee’s posture wasn’t wonderful. Sisco compliments both dancers, and tells Katie she was flawless, asking Arlene to have patience. Nigel reveals that he’s going through a sexual dry spell. 

Kirsty and Lee B

Kirsty Swain and Lee Bridgman are up next. They’ve drawn a Bollywood theme, but we see Lee struggling with the routine in rehearsals. 

In the actual performance, neither looks comfortable with what they’re doing, but Kirsty arguably puts a more confident slant on it. Lee bugs me a little because he’s slightly to waifish to pull off a strong masculine routine like this.

Sisco goes nuts for the routine, praising their “organic connection”. Nigel pours some cold water on the proceedings – he criticises how sharp Lee’s hands were. He calls it a “good effort” for Lee. Arlene tells Lee to “stop slumping and start pumping”, which we assume isn’t a sexual thing. He’s certainly not the strongest dancer on the show.

Bethany Rose and Israel Donowa

This pair manage to pull the hip-hop genre, which clearly plays to their strengths. They’re dancing to Usher’s OMG, with a skateboard park theme. Possibly the problem facing Bethany and Israel is that hip-hop is everywhere at the moment, giving us plenty of 

Nigel groans audibly about the concept overtaking the actual dancing. He levels a criticism at Israel for not working to his strengths. Arlene agrees, saying she had more fun queuing for petrol than watching that routine – and points out Israel again for being out of time with the music. Louise warns Bethany that she’s being overtaken by other female dancers. Sisco also has harsh words for Israel, warning him that he could be in trouble tonight.

Gian Luca and Stephanie Powell

Drawing a Cha Cha routine, Gian Luca and Steph have been freshly paired up after being saved last week. Their choreographers believe that with a cha-cha routine, there’s no chance they’ll be bottom two this week.

The pair are dancing to Pussycat Dolls’ When I Grow Up. Stephanie in that dress seems to be channeling Alesha Dixon in places. Possibly too much flashing of the teeth though – that looks a bit cheesy. And as for the routine – not my favourite. It looked like they were wrangling each other around the stage.

Arlene praises Gian Luca’s Latin passion, but tells Steph to throw away the technique. Nigel tells Gian Luca to use his hips more. Louise is slightly more forgiving of the new coupling, but asks to make her feel more during the dance. Sisco gives Steph a rave review, but felt that Gian Luca brought a solid performance as well.

Katrina and Tom

Katrina Lyndon and Tom Shilcock are given the Broadway routine this week. I thought they were joking when they said they were dancing to Footloose, but somehow they’ve managed to reinterpret the song as a rockabiliy track. Is it just me, or are parts of this routine incredibly clunky? Tom and Katrina just don’t seem to be comfortable with each other.

Louise compliments Tom’s lifts and general cowboy style. Arlene disagrees and tells him he’s got the personality of a pumpkin. And to go shopping for a personality. Katrina gets slightly better comments. Sisco notes that Tom’s improved, but not particularly great. Nigel is a little more forgiving, noting that the routine was challenging, but does tell Tom that he needs to make his dancing look more entertaining. He’s got more enthusiasm for Katrina’s dancing though…full of praise.

Alice and Charlie

Next up is Alice Woodhouse and Charlie Wheeler. Neither are pleased to have drawn the American Smooth Waltz routine this week. It simply doesn’t play to either of their strengths.

This starts out beautifully, with Alice ‘dancing’ with Charlie’s silhouette. Alice looks effortlessly elegant in a pink dress, and Charlie looks less the clown-in-training tonight. It’s a shourt routine, but beautifully realised and very artistic.

Nigel calls the waltz beautiful and notes the lyrical quality of Alice’s performance. He spares a thought for Charlie’s skills in this routine and the choreographer reveals that the routine only took 8 hours to learn. Arlene has much love for Charlie too, warning Alice that he may have outperformed her. Louise simply says that Charlie’s brilliant to watch, while Sisco calls the performance exquisite.

Rithy and Shane

Rithy Periera and Shane Collard are next up – playing cops and robbers for a hip-hop routine. Actually, it’s an homage to Charlie Chaplin by the look of things. It’s done in a silent movie style, which is charming and fun to watch for a little while. But despite some amazing tricks thrown in for our entertainment, I found my attention wandering.

Nigel declares the performance a success, but warns again about style over substance. Sisco notes that it was entertaining, but that it wasn’t technically brilliant. Louise praises the characterisation, while Arlene praises Rithy as the show’s star storyteller.

Danielle and Luke

Danielle Cato and Luke Jackson are the last act to perform. They’ve got a commercial routine. What’s that? After a short detour to a real boxing ring, the couple come out fighting. In this gear, Luke looks like a skinny Dolph Lundgren, while Danielle looks like a less skanky version of Jessie J. Sadly, it’s another routine where it looks like the dancers are struggling to work together, although there are highlights there too.

Arlene raves about the sexy performance. Louise comments “talk about saving the best ’til last” and compliments them both. Sisco is positively drooling, calling it an “excellent ending to the show”. Nigel says he felt the performance was fake and “not so much UFC as KFC” and cautions about the chemistry between the partners. Not a popular viewpoint, but I’m glad Nigel saw what I saw!

That’s your lot for the live coverage. We’ll be back shortly with our results post, so stick with us to find out who’s going home tonight! Who do you think is safe and who’s going home?

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