Sound Of Guns – Alcatraz – Single review

We haven’t featured a new band here on Shout in a while, so I’m pleased to have a band that I’m genuinely excited to introduce you to today. That band is Liverpool’s own Sound Of Guns.

I got an email about their new single, Alcatraz, the other day. Initially dismissed as “feck, how can a bunch of guys from Liverpool rock?”, I hit up the YouTube version of their video. Oops, wrong again. Funny how dismissive of the UK rock scene you can be when you forget about the legacy of amazing music we’ve created here.

What can we say? Well, this five-piece have crafted a sound that’s HUGE. They’ve got a classic vibe about them, clearly destined to be a stadium-filling rock band. Seriously, this is the kind of band that sounds its absolute best when playing to thousands of rabid, sweaty rockers.

For added fun, have a browse through Sound Of Guns’ page on YouTube. Here’s one more video though, Elementary Of Youth.

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