Sound Of Guns – Elementary Of Youth – Single Review

Right what makes a fantastic indie band, is it some bunch of skinny jean wearing students who quote their in a band numerous times much to your disinterest, or is it a group of lads who have sweat blood and tears and grafted their arses off to get where they are today?  I am for the latter, anyone can be in a band, only the selected few can be in a great band.

Anyone familier to the Liverpool indie music scene have probably already heard of these guys, be it in the sound of guns or in other guises, Freemaker, The Veras and The Vagabonds, all great bands in their own right and all had great followings.  So it’s a music goers dream come true when you amalganate all three and geat one of the best things to come out of Liverpool in some time, no easy feat I’m sure you’ll agree.  Whilst all of the current singles deserve a mention I’ve reviewed this one with it being the most recent, first things first, treat your ears to the following.

The first thing that drags you is in the catchy intro and the fantastic vocals of Andy Metcalfe, you will also notice the fantastic production value.  Not overproduced but sounding professional whilst keeping their raw sound in tact.  The sound reminds me of the early Manic Street Preachers material.  The steady lead up then crashes into a musical explosion insisting you scream along with the soaring vocals, the crashing symbals, the thudding bass and the screaming guitar.  The song is stadium ready as are the band.  The song works on so many levels, it’s rock enough for your dad, it’s indie enough for the cool kids and it’s pop enough for people who hate this genre to fall into the trap of nodding along.  The hard work had paid off, for both the band and the fans!

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