Spartacus: War Of The Damned – Crixus (and Agron) dead, killed by Romans

Just watched the Separate Paths episode of Spartacus: War Of The Damned. If you’re like me and you obsessively read the Wikipedia pages about Spartacus’ war, you’ll already know that Crixus was destined to lead his own batallion against the Romans, splitting away from Spartacus in the process.

And then you’ll know that this is what led to Crixus being killed by the Romans.

Initially, it looks like Crixus’ troops are successful. They take out an entire legion of Romans. But they barely have time to celebrate when reinforcements arrive. The battle-fatigued rebels are no match for this fresh batch of Romans and are fairly quickly slain. Agron is cut down – although there are rumours that he survived and returns to Spartacus – and Crixus does battle with Julius Caesar. But Caesar wounds Crixus and Tiberius spears him. No doubt that Crixus will die from his wounds, but just to add insult to fatal injury, Crassus demands that he is beheaded and a message send to Spartacus.

Did anyone else catch this episode? I loved the brotherly farewell between Crixus and Spartacus in the end. Pleased that they parted on good terms. But devastated that Crixus is gone now. It’s brought it home how close we are to the end of this brilliant, raunchy, debauched, Shakespearean series.

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