Spelbound and Tobias Mead are first BGT finalists, Olivia Archbold goes home

The first night of live semi-finals for Britain’s Got Talent was a wobbly affair. Neither of the two teenage singers lived up to expectations, the wood chopper bloke proved that Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan should be fired if they ever put through such a stupid act again. Kevin Cruise was a total disaster. Wasn’t it interesting that BGT threw a whole troupe of dancers and a big prop ship at Kevin’s act while the Regurgitator came on stage with just a table?

Spelbound in action

In the end, the gymnastic marvels Spelbound (note the slight spelling change in their name) were sent straight through to the finals on the public vote. The judges were left to choose between 14 year old singer Olivia Archbold and the simply brilliant dancer Tobias Mead.

In the end, the panel – to their credit – chose Tobias over Olivia, noting his stunningly inventive dance routine. In the earlier show, Tobias had danced with a floating ball which seemed to respond to his movements. It was a magical routine, one of the most original we’ve ever seen on the show.

Also in the results show, last year’s Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity performed a dance routine that blew the socks off virtually every dance act we’ve seen so far this year. Those guys are amazing dancers.

I think the public made the right decisions – I was living in mortal terror of an army of schoolgirls voting for Josh Barry. A good looking kid, and very confident on stage, but nowhere near as good a singer as he needed to be to get through. I’ve already given my damning verdict on Kevin Cruise’s tacky sideshow.

Do you think the right acts got through to the final? Tell me who you’d have preferred to see in our comments section!

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  1. Robbi

    Best 2 acts definitely got through tonight- if we carry on like this for the rest of the week we’re bound to be in for the best Final ever 🙂

  2. slaneyvalley

    Spellbound had me indeed spellbound and are one of my favourites to win the whole thing outright. But I’m not sure about Tobias Mead. On a personal basis I wasn’t really impressed with him and (as strange as it seem) I was equally spellbound by Steve Starr. I would loved to have seen what other trick he had up his sleeve and surprise us with. A good semi-final tonight so it will be iteresting interesting to see if the next semis live up to our expectations.

    1. Suetpud

      My daughter thought the Regurgitator was good and thought he should have gone through, we felt the top three were the best.

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