Spoilers: 30 Rock, Season 5, Episode 7 – Brooklyn Without Limits

The seventh episode of 30 Rock Season 5 will be titled Brooklyn Without Limits. John Slattery – star of Mad Men and Desperate Housewives – joins the cast as a congressional candidate who Jack decides to support in the election.

Episode synopsis

Jack tries to influence a Congressional election in favor of a particular candidate for the benefit of the network. Meanwhile, Liz has newfound confidence when Jenna helps her find the perfect pair of jeans. Later, Jenna helps Tracy plan a Golden Globe event.

I’m noting that John Slattery’s character is called Steve Austin. I’m betting there will be more than a handful of wrestling gags in this episode!

John Slattery in 30 RockJohn Slattery in 30 Rock

30 Rock stars Tina Fey as variety show producer Liz Lemon and features Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy and Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan, the unpredictable star of Lemon’s hit variety show, “TGS with Tracy Jordan.” 

Also rounding out the cast are Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney, the co-star of “TGS”; Scott Adsit as the variety show’s producer Pete Hornberger; Jack McBrayer as Kenneth, the over-eager and effortlessly endearing NBC page; Judah Friedlander as Frank, the sardonic slacker on the writing staff; Katrina Bowden as Lemon’s young, flighty assistant, Cerie; and Keith Powell as Toofer, the sophisticated yet sarcastic, Harvard-alum writer.

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