Spoilers: House, Season 7, Episode 6 – Office Politics

[[House (TV Series)|House]] takes a bit of a break in the US, resuming on 8th November. When it returns, Amber Tamblyn will make her appearance as new team member Martha Masters.

The sixth episode of the current season, Office Politics will feature Heroes star Jack Coleman as a New Jersey campaign manager who mysteriously falls ill with liver failure and temporary paralysis. When the incumbent makes a surprise announcement, House and his team believe the candidate may have the answers to their patient’s problem.

This will mark the beginning of a multi-episode arc for Amber Tamblyn, who is the fourth in a string of replacements for 13 (the female doctor played by Olivia Wilde). Since Olivia Wilde jumped ship to become a pixelated heroine for Tron Legacy, House has been without a female doctor. After stalling by making his team do the hiring for him, Cuddy finally snaps and makes him hire Martha Masters, a third year med student.

Amber Tamblyn: Don’t worry, she knows what she’s doing – Tamblyn has appeared in General Hospital. You may also know her from Joan Of Arcadia, The Unusuals and The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants.

And in a shock twist, Foreman (Omar Epps) discovers that Taub (Peter Jacobson) has a history with Masters. Given his penchant for screwing around, it may be that he’s been involved with her. Or possibly something less obvious.

Remember, this episode won’t air until 8th November 2010!

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