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X Factor Movie Week: Joe Mcelderry sings Circle of Life

I find this fellow rather boring and nondescript. This seems to be my default position for all the contestants. Only Leona gave me goose bumps but Joe does have an amazing voice. He is heir apparent to Stephen Gately and he will no doubt have a great career in the West End.

Louis: one of the best singers in the contest. Looking for a pop star (but when is he not).

Danni: best male vocalist in the competition. Didn't like the production on the song and detracted from his performance.

Simon: perfect song for him. Stop the stage school swain (?). He is commerical and knows who he is and he should enjoy this.

Cheryl: anounces she has a long lost little brother. She really likes him.

All hell breaks out between Dermot and Louis - I hope they don't fall out.

Bye bye everyone, you will never hear from St Gordie again but it has been fun. But if you liked it and want more look out for my own website which is coming soon

X Factor Movie Week: John and Edward Grimes sing Ghostbusters

The world's greatest act? They are like pork stratchings, you know they are bad for you but you just can't get enough of the wee hairy buggers. Everytime I see them all I can think about is Something About Mary.

I had a picture disc of Ghostbusters the first time round so Jedward don't ruin it. Sweet jaysus this is mental but I love it. That is actually their best performance and I think they will win the entire thing.

Danni: no idea and nothing constructive to say. You either talk or rap but she loves watching them but can imagine listening to them on the radio (we know you said that last week).

Cheryl: kids love you and you are fun.

Simon: being picky again about not being to sing but thought it was a good song. This was sort of good. Simon loves them (not quite). Average age of one and half and more entertaining than some of the karaoke stuff earlier.

Loius:  you are two guys who are all about fun who cut through all the doom and gloom.

X Factor Movie Week: Danyl Johnson sings Purple Rain

The person everyone loves to hate. God love the little fellow. After Dannigate there was Hiltergate but can he recover? He is singing a classic from the purple prince but it could go wrong. I love this song and I hope he doesn't murder it.

At least he is in tune this week and has a new hairdo. I wonder will there be Beckham like headlines about it tomorrow. A very good effort all the same but I suspect there will be one or two karaoke comments. He has a great voice but he is hard to like because he knows he is good. As I was reading today the Americans would love him.

Louis: very few people could do a Prince song justice and he did. Judging on vocal ability he has it all and he will be in the final.

Danni: loves the new look and a very strong performance. Needs to really use his very good voice, stop screaming.

Cherly: has lost the cocky attitude and is somewhere between that and the broken man of last week. Loves the hair.

Simon: an oustanding vocal - a broken man who has got his confidence back. Should be very proud of him.

X Factor Movie Week: Lucie Jones sings This is Me

There is no real stand out act tonight so hopes are high fof Lucie. Can she maintain the standards of last week but I really don't get her at all. She is extremely dull but she is very young and I guess she doesn't really know who she is. She says she is going to tell everyone who she is tonight - go girl.

She has a consistently good voice but is it really bland. A bit like the OC, on paper all the elements are there but in reality it is boring and irrelevant. I think she might be in danger this week. The young girl teen market may turn on her in favour of one of the boys.

Louis: fantastic song choice and she looked like a pop star. The last girl standing in this competition.

Cherly: didn't know the song (like everyone else) but she needs to loosen up but she has found her niche. Made the song her own.

Simon: first time she has been relevant and she looked comfortable. Agreed with Louis and she is the strongest girl in the competition

Danni: Not the only person who loves Lucie. Danni up to her usual stirring

X Factor Movie Week: Jamie Archer sings Crying

Jamie Afro, what can I say, ditch the scarf tied to your belt. It is perhaps the most pathetic attempt to look like a rocker. He has changed his song again and Louis is complaining about rule changes. I don't know this song but thank God no scarf tied this trousers - a step in the right direction. Not a bad start and I know the song now. He is good but he should sing the Kings of Leon every week and he would be OK.

He is good singer and I don't get Louis's gripe about him being a pub singer, he is good and has a strong voice.

Louis: glad he has dropped all the silly rock stuff and a very emotional performance. Claims Simon is cheating again and embarks on an interesting debate about movies. Not about the film, it is about the song.

Danni: emotional and heart felt performance. Not the pub rocker and that is what they want to see.

Cherly: Simon did you well by changing the song. The song suited him beautifully. Unchained Melody would have been cheesy.

Simon: claims Cherly is irrelevant!! His best performance so far.

X Factor Movie Week: Lloyd Daniels sings Stand By Me

The teens' favourite. Don't see it personally but I am neither a teen or a girl, so I suppose what ever floats your boat. Good to hear the throat is better but he is too young and emotionally retarded to sing a song like that. It sounds a bit weird, especially with that very tacky and pusedo reggae backing track. I think Lloyd will be facing the public vote this week as that was pretty poor.

Louis: thinks it was better than last week but he feels he is out of his depth and there are better guy singers in the competition.

Danni: song was good for Lloyd as his vocal range can't go higher. A nice performance.

Simon: nice like having tea with his mum. He is out of his depth and he is competing with some big singers. Felt the second half of the song went young??

Cherly: most comfortable vocal so far but took a knock last week. Didn't want to make him cheesy!!!!

X Factor Movie Week: Olly Murs sings Twist and Shout

Phew that was hard work, thank God Alexandra was here with me (in poster form at least) to help me through. Olly is up now and I really do not understand what his hair is trying to achieve. Go bald son and let you inner slap head out.

Twist and shout, another Beatles staple andr lets hope he keeps his shirt on. A good performance but nothing special and after a few pints most people can make a reasonable effort at this one. What do the judges think? 

Louis: liked last week's performance and says everyone likes him. Louis didn't like the silly dancing and the silly song (prefers his performers to be seated on stools).

Danni: wonders why he went into Michael Jackson's Thriller routine.

Cheryl: singing a lot of retro songs and she wants to hear him sing newer songs. The crowd goes bug-a-loo and drowns her out.

Simon: thinks the other judges are being mean and it is supposed to be ENTER-TAIN-MENT.  

X Factor Movie Week: Stacey sings Son of a Preacher Man

Hello all, first time blogging about X Factor and extremely nervous as I want to maintain the high standards already set by unreality shout. I am blogging from Alexandra Burke's old apartment in Islington, so the X Factor vibes are running through me.

Anyway Stacey is first up and for weeks now it has been bothering me who she reminds me of? Answers on a postcard please. Stacey is trying to be sexy and the Cherly seems unconvinced by her and Simon seems obsessed by wanting her to move about. I think she has really carried it off and it seems like two different people when she starts singing. And she even moved about.

Louis: great start and loves the sexy look. Felt it lacked a bit of emotion.

Queen Cherly:  most confident performance so far.

Simon: compares Stacey to Chinese food and is generally unimpressed. Not a particularly good performance and a lazy song choice. Danni thinks Simon is out of touch.

Danni:  gushing as usual. Cool, sexy and young.